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Frage von Debonnaire:

And here again ne Débonnaire typical response for such and all analog / similar problems on slashCAM:

Why for heaven's sake somebody buys practically the Canon flagship EOS cameras, though she seems to have no inkling of even the basics, which had been known even in the 30D should be? That is probably something I'll never understand! Buy for the sake of buying? Have, because you can afford it, although it is completely overwhelmed so mercilessly? - RAW and Flash's was because that is already synonymous, and even focuses on the 30D had already synonymous when you hardly believe it like!

Normally it works so like this: "Wow, for a good while, active and dedicated employment with the matter, I now have so much new and fascinating learned that my current equipment simply no longer enough! Hmmm ... what am I doing now ? Ah, yes: I look out for the next equipment level, which increased my now claims and knowledge into account and the door for me to help belch to a whole new world! Hey, after a long and thorough research of the market, I have now qualified and informed decision made me buy the Canon EOS 1D Mk III. THE everything (; and more), what has been missing me and I can not wait to have learned anything new and concrete concepts can finally try out! " - You put the cart before the horse obviously of standing on the back and so completely in the reeds (; just with us as well) says!

But, for your reassurance: Even the Mk III can be switched to all-green. This saves you the learning curve and you look ultra-cool but if you antanzt with this part somewhere!

Or, perhaps better: you purchase a phone with 3MP Camera-finger in it, and click on it go! More is too much for you, sorry!

The Mk III can you send me! Adressse can be found on my website. Thanks in advance! The postage costs, I assume even yourself ..

PS: Please post here once a current and realistsiches Stillimage of you! Like a previous speaker has said: If you look accordingly, I'll see your synonymous Camera-Purchase-faux-pas after! ;-)


Antwort von gast3:

aptly put it .... you can not the "typical Débonnaire" I mean now!

Marion later than now ... did you get it's' You're in the wrong forum!

Still a nice evening!


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