Infoseite // Re: Questions about crop factor, the EOS 60D

Frage von Debonnaire:

"Korbi #" wrote: edit: hab grad seen that this is already here of tuffy was raised.
Exactly, and so you had your post can easily delete it without comment.

But no, if you ever say something synonymous when it's still as useless and outdated even recognized, then you want at whatever price finally synonymous, as many of it is seen, eh? Publilzieren in order of publishing's sake!

Facebook-Twitter-society: I publish (including me) online, therefore I am!

(Before it ever starts now: No, my post is not among them because, as I am directly referring to something being said and some derive from it, but shall stop going on anyway ... - Los.!)


Antwort von shodushitanaka:

LOOOL, Aaalter ... You should take a lot more drugs, then it gets even funnier n tick:)


Antwort von Debonnaire:

@ Shodushitanaka: And why am I not surprised that just posting comments on the first? ;-)


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