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Re: Sony HDR-HC1

Re: SonyHDR-HC1

Frage von Opelwolf:
April 2008

Hello, can someone tell me whether I s.der HC-1E AV output can unlock as INPUT, it's mega important for the use of the underwater housing SPK-HCC. Since all the functions of the AV-times are managed! Or you can convert this port on LANC? This port gives her all the functions. (: See Aqua-space). Everything only for purposes of snorkeling! Thanks Opel Wolf

Antwort von thedirector:

There was some time ago a topic that is dealt with exactly this issue - is a refurbishing if I do not remember quite possible, since the AV remote signals are not identical signals with Lanc.

Just ask for the safe www.digideep.de - there you may also present a Special for something.

Alternatively, schau doch mal ebay after the previous SPK HCB or even before - who I still believe you have the LANC And yes s.der HC 1st
The thing but fits synonymous in the underwater case of series 2 to DVF DVF SPK 5 ... were synonymous, and the LANC.
Guck mal bei ebay ...
HERE ...
... or here

Antwort von Opelwolf:

The housing DVF 5 synonymous, I have at home. There is indeed Lanc it, but you can not switch to the Memory Stick. One can only make pictures in low quality, not with 3 million Thanks

Antwort von Opelwolf:

Can someone help me. I have a SPK-HCC Case Of Sonyand would like to use with my HC 1, because of the switching memory stick. Unfortunately, the housing but has only one Sonya / V Male and no Lanc port. About the AV times, the camera does not respond to the housing. Can you solve the problem somehow?

Antwort von thedirector:

It will not be better if you repeat the question every day - the case does not fit into your Camera!

Either you are you errands (a suitable housing; on ebay, there are just a SPK HCA had, in my opinion nor LANC) or You turn on the camcorder manual, closes the housing and films until the cartridge is full or the battery is empty.

Antwort von Markus:

I have the individual components of the discussion time together in this thread.
Warm regards
the moderator

Antwort von thedirector:

"Opel Wolf" wrote:
The housing DVF 5 synonymous, I have at home. There is indeed Lanc it, but you can not switch to the Memory Stick. One can only make pictures in low quality, not with 3 million Thanks

This feature (; mode change) is in Lanc - Protocol not available - this is only the AV remote with ... And has not the (HC 1; synonymous and can not be retrofitted).

Antwort von Opelwolf:

Welcome, Guest. (This feature, mode change) is available in many cases via expensive dive Lanc and there are many for the synonymous HC 1, but as I said diving expensive housing that is too expensive for just time snorkeling. (; Eg Aqua Space, Kinetics, Gun Lux, Amphibico, etc.)

Antwort von thedirector:

"Opel Wolf" wrote:
... But as I said expensive dive housing, which is too expensive for just time snorkelling ...

... well, you can not have everything - either I'm ready for my (; special) needs the required price to pay, or should I submit my requests to the available budget.

Antwort von Opelwolf:

Hello again. I have always believed if you fall in einklinkt in such a forum, you have to do it synonymous with people who are of the substance at issue as more and is synonymous to understand something. In this particular case it was not like that. I have only said that you can not, can not make man, etc., etc., and not just in the forum. I'm synonymous with Sony, Cologne, and synonymous with AVC still in demand in many other workshops, always the same answer. THE IS NOT THAT DOES NOT WORK (; or had) no joy. In my Internet search I came across it on a Sony Lanc Page protocols of MANFRED Böhmel in Königsbronn've put it together with me and lo and behold, this competent man has already told me s.Telefon with 99 percent certainty that it must work. Said, done, case sent there after a week it was back, and lo and behold it perfectly funtioniert of Lanc. Facit, even the testimony of competent firms is not much worth. (; They just will not because there is so synonymous always something expensive as an alternative for selling) Bye Until next time Opel Wolf

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