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SONY & Panasonic welcher kaufen?

Re: buy SONY & Panasonic which one?

Frage von HappyFranz:
Juni 2005


I'm new to you, but in the short time I have already learned a lot, this forum is really good. But now to my real question:

I recently a SONY 403 (; records directly to dvd) and immediately returned them after three days, certainly a good device, but what has not met my expectations more. (; Especially as I only later with you the actual difference of DVD and miniDV let).

Now I'm on the search for something different and am going to compare two geeate, although the class are of her and the price not to compare one with another. First, it is de SonyDCR-HC90 and the other would be the 250 from Panasonic. The Sony I have leaves open the question whether the viewfinder move to after the pivotal plane upward, to add the Kammera bent, can clean look in the viewfinder and therefore still images, or is it like the 403er was the case, where the View Finder pulled out Ledegem left, but not scwenken up.

Secondly, I would be grateful if a PanasonicNV-GS250EG-S or even the 400. On the video test result of the 400 dives over the second place 1200 ¬, who is the first on the pitch? So as I said, I have noerfahrung with Panasonic appliances but with the un videographies s.sich with the Sony quality, but now I need your help. Thank you.


Antwort von sunboy:

my tip:
Take the Panasonic.
if you do not necessarily total lowlight film, which is 250 panasonic acuity unbeatable in brilliant colors and.
In addition it has an optical image stabilizer.
The only drawback: the visitor is in color.


Antwort von dirk7:


Unfortunately I have to contradict my preface ;-))

I had decided several weeks ago already synonymous for the GS 250, they had ordered and already synonymous home.

Then came the HC90 in the shops and I'm very curious, i myself put up with an empty cartridge in the MM and the HC90 tested.

After looking at the results was then viewed on a PC at home and on the tv, I have ordered directly to the HC 90 and the GS 250 synonymous packed again and sent back.

Of value for money actually in my opinion speaks for absolutely nothing for the 250th GS

If you look really closely and directly compares the two films, the GS has 250 tolls. in daylight quite a little better / clearer image than the HC90. This is really only look directly at the exact Comparison.

When light conditions are no longer 100% are optimal, but the HC90, the step ahead.

Furthermore, the stabilization of the Panasonic always need some time before he actually takes office. When he has leveled dan once, but he is not better than the Sony.

I am just still not quite clear why the GS 250 to almost ¬ 300.00 is expensive than the HC90. This extra cost is justified in my opinion in any way, 100,00 ¬ more were still ok, since the whole value and the appeal of the GS 250 but a little better than that of his failure to HC90.

Here again my "test result" in brief:

Advantages of HC90 compared with the GS 250

- Better / poorer image noise at non-optimal lighting conditions
- Improve Image Stabilization
- Handy
- Smaller / lighter
- For me, thanks to the better touch screen menu navigation
- Just under ¬ 300.00 cheaper

Advantages of the GS 250 to the HC90

- Better quality material appearance
- Quality processing impression
- Slightly better image at optimal light conditions
- "Move" View Finder

As my decision much clearly in favor of the HC 90 and so far I regret noSekunde movie ;-))

Greetings from Wuppertal

Antwort von jonnyb:

"Happy franz" wrote:
The Sony I have leaves open the question whether the viewfinder move to after the pivotal plane upward, to add the Kammera bent, can clean look in the viewfinder and therefore still images, or is it like the 403er was the case, where the View Finder pulled out Ledegem left, but not scwenken up.

When Sony can pull out the viewfinder swing in any way. So far I have this function but not synonymous missing.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Test Images LowLight

HC90 at 15 Lux:
zum Bild

GS250 at 15 lux:
zum Bild

Source: Camcorder Info

Antwort von Markus:

Who would seriously the noise of that camcorder using the two test images; judge (image size and compression)?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Quite simply, have to stop reading the reviews of the specified source ...

Antwort von Markus:

I just watched the above test reports in detail.

Panasonic GS250:
"The PV-GS250 in low light is kind of a disappointment. We would expect this camcorder to produce less noise and better crispness and color information than many in Panasonic's lower in price and specifications, but this was not the case."

"The low light on the DCR-HC90 is pretty good considering some of Sony's recent, higher-end camcorders' performances. Especially considering the DCR-HC85's performance of last year, the DCR-HC90's showing is a breath of fresh air.

The description of the behavior of both low light camcorder thus confirms the impression of Dirk. Present the results of that test reports should, however, not a hundred percent on the offered camcorder models; be transmitted because NTSC devices were tested (PAL).

Links to the reviews:
" Panasonic GS250
" SonyHC90

Antwort von Harry:

Unfortunately, once again let the sheet music for the video performance (; HC90 only note 7.0; GS250 note 8.0), at least in daylight, the assertion that the HC90 delivers better image quality. Exactly the opposite is the case, disappointed the light sensitivity of the GS250, with respect to the expectations s.die 3 CCDs and 3-chip technology. Moreover, the sensitivity is only one criterion, but there are many others that also the Picture impression significantly affect rivers such as contrast ratio, Fardifferenzierung, color saturation, color resolution, color separation, image sharpness, detail resolution, image distortion, color noise, brightness, smoking, white balance, Optics, Smearverhalten, etc. to name a few.
In addition, to enjoy such tests with caution, I know a few other tests to claim the exact opposite. No the two cameras is poor, ultimately everyone decides for themselves which of the two is the short list in question.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

People want magic formula but ...

Antwort von Markus:

Panaceas do not exist! Personal taste is not so synonymous standardized. Or have I missed as a trend? ;-)

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