Infoseite // Re: faster video streaming, video, MPG for your own Homepage

Frage von Heiko Nocon: wrote:

> 1 What format would be da best ever? Rather, Avi, or
> Mpg, or a completely different format?

Well, that depends mainly on whether you are streaming or only synonymous
Download. When downloading, it is actually more or less
Wurscht, because all you need is to ensure that as many
Users with minimal effort "abspielfähig" are.
For Streaming's imperative, however, you must use a format which
this is appropriate. AVI is not such a format, MPEG in the expression
as a "transport stream" on the other hand already.

> 2 Which vendor is recommended that a fast server
> Available so that you do not have to wait for death, until
> anything happens, I would be synonymous to a certain sum
> this issue.

This is good. Practically everyone has Hoster for the targeted
Appropriate services (dedicated server with generous
traffic-fee or flat), this offers merely a cost of course
considerably more than a simple website of a few MB, which together
with hundreds of others on a single server.
So easy to get between HP's free and very few in ¤
Years after being missed, for a dedicated server must be flat with
other hand, at least as about 1000 ¤ / year abdrücken.

If the circle of users of the service is limited and relatively small
is perhaps synonymous reaches a virtual server. Den there's already
significantly less money, but a (small) three-digit number ¤ per year
you have to give this estimate synonymous.

> 3 Is that even feasible for private HPs, a fast,
> high-quality video stream to provide?

Only a question of money. You'll get what you pay for.


Antwort von Heiko Nocon: wrote:

> OK, so MPG. Is this the only format, which you for streams
> synonymous and can recommend the fastest or there are other
> Möglichekeiten?

There are always other possibilities. Regarding the streaming, for example, a
whole lot of proprietary streaming formats, RealAudio up of Microsoft. This
synonymous nor free format.

How quickly and well, you can not generally say, because here
plays the goodness of the channel to the client is always a very important role.
A streaming format, which makes for a fast connection without
Packet loss and jitter perfect term results should not
necessarily synonymous with a bad connection to the best. But
synonymous, the other way, a format which is synonymous with a bad
Connection still provides acceptable results, is a good
Connection may be significantly suboptimal.

The whole range of possible Kanalgüten can only
Streaming formats cover closely with the codec used
cooperate and dynamically as a function of the Kanalgüte
control. In this regard currently have (so sorry, I do
for that) the proprietary solutions of Real and Microsoft
clearly a step ahead.


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