Infoseite // Re: hum with video conversion solved :-)))

Frage von Stefan Koschke:

Gerrit Brodmann wrote:
> "Stefan Koschke" wrote:
>> First thanks for the quick reply!
>> Yes, the times of the PC, I have not yet rotated.
>> All (SAT and PC) plug s.der same outlet (distributor), a
>> Have different circuit
>> I am not available :-(
> There are filters for separating synonymous dei outlet. However, the cost so
> Around 50 euros ...

after endless Steckerstöpseln, plugs, etc. I rotate the
Solution, and it's sooo easy :-)

I have s.dem SAT Reseiver, of which should be included, 2 Scart:
TV and VCR.
TV has an audio output regulated, not VCR.
And the inclusion of plug stuck in TV!
Meanwhile, volume was almost 0, so that the ADVC55 with
maximal reinforcement tried, but still a signal to erhaschen ...
After Umstöpseln to the VCR output to me almost weggeflogen ears ;-)

And now everything works again as usual, thank you again for
Your support!



Antwort von Bernd Daene:

Stefan Koschke wrote:
> ...
> And now everything works again as usual ...

Well, that's fine. And I was totally wrong. ;-)



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