Infoseite // Re: videos from your camcorder to the PC games

Frage von Bernd Nomi:

Uwe Weineck wrote:

> Analog is precisely analogous hinsichtl. Image

wat 'ne statement. Can you describe the closer?

as all cards are equal.
Not true, there are very different converter

> What is important is rather the accompanying software.
Important but not alone * * synonymous important.


Antwort von Volker Schauff:

Ralf Grobe, D. wrote:

> DAZZLE (selling name not known)
> Name Pinnacle DVC 130
> Drivers in Pinnacle Studio 10.x

When DVC90 and a larger model whose name I just deleted
is (but it could be 130) are the drivers in the studio
included, but are synonymous available separately (one for Unified Drvier
many (all?) Dazzle and Pinnacle Studio USB devices) and works
very well with Virtualdub, no preference whether the individual or from the studio.

Gruß ... Volker Schauff (thunderbird.elite @, ICQ 22823502) - About Saber Rider and other 80s series - Forum for Spät70er - early-90s TV nostalgists - For fantasy / medieval times and all sorts of creative


Antwort von Torsten Villnow:

On 18.03.2009 20:50, wrote Ralf Grobe, D.:
> If it's a bit more may be, there is synonymous respectfull of Capture Devices
> Canopus.

I have long with the issue of digitization of my videos
busy and with many of the recommendations it is because the small Canopus
ADVC-55 for just 180, - purchased.

The small box has an S-Video and RCA input and a
Firewire output. The resulting data set is large (approximately 15-20 GB per
Hour of video material, but with the currently available cheap (USB -)
Hard disks should not be a problem.

For further processing then you need a DV editing software. That
Final result is available on DVD from her Qualitäseindruck almost better than the
Originals on my high-quality VCR.

The part I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend it!


I have a slightly older DVB-S card of Pinnacle in my PC, the
synonymous an analog TV input has. I originally wanted to order my
Convert videos. The result of the first tests, however, was
grotte bad. In the search (the Internet) to find the cause was
turned out that the capturing of the video appears only in
quarter of PAL Resolutionerfolgt. This was obviously not in the
Specifications of the card :-(

Torsten Villnow


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