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Real D: Kommt die 3-D Revolution im Kino?  Part 2 oder Cisco Telepresence

Real D: If the 3-D revolution in the movies? Part 2 or Cisco Telepresence

Frage von B.DeKid:
April 2008

When I use the forum


wolter I have read something relating to movies or 3D hologram technique note.

The 3D movie experience will come, synonymous without glasses is probably safe.
The technique to use 3D glasses is too expensive, people may be synonymous with Binocular Sehschaden these images are not properly sehn (from experience I know that)
I Meihnung after Hologram technology is the only medium which we can 3D Movies rifles.

In Computerwoche 49/2007 Page 15 was a new highlight of the company announced Cisco


I personally am very glad such a technique and can give me synonymous imagine it in the next 15 years in the direction will run.
Since synonymous VIRGIN long time s.so stuff works, we can more than excited about the future :-)


From a friend of his Dr. just in laser Feintechnik I makes it nice because some tests are
Images with the aid of 3D laser display projectors.

Also in the area reserved to the motion capture is a length in a laser scanner variant enforce denk ich mal.

So the technique of the Hologram videos will reach a standard synonymous cinemas jump on this train.

So since StarTrek / Star Wars Hologram on videos looking forward must continue to look, and will in the next (20) years to be served well :-)

Mfg DeKid B.
s.slashcam ... and thank you for the above mentioned thread
.... Future we are excited :-)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

News from the RealD corner

under http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/news/2008/04/3d_movies
There are links, etc. relating to.

Small extract
Filmmakers and studios alike have pledged their Allegiance to 3-D. Disney and Pixar announced this week that it will release all of its films in 3-D starting with Bolt, which is slated for release s.November. DreamWorks Animation says that by 2009 all of its movies will be released in 3-D. James Cameron is working on big-budget 3-D sci-fi flick called Avatar, and George Lucas is working on remastering all the Star Wars movies in 3-D.

So for everyone it is interested ..... Page of the RealD http://www.reald.com/ da gibts synonymous for 3 cinemas in Germany to support the technology.
Würde mich mal intressieren if someone was there and can report.

Alla MfG
B. DeKid [/ quote]

Antwort von kafix2008:

there are actually opportunities for the''normal''a 3D video production (of course with glasses, synonymous blue red ...) but would be somehow possible?

But when so many would readily wär some ..?

Antwort von Axel:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
So the technique of the Hologram videos will reach a standard synonymous cinemas jump on this train.

I do not think so, for the following reason: At the moment knattert technology in cinemas, where individual pieces in good maintenance without additional 50 years old can be. And digital surround have been as painful as unreasonable, was to retrofit each less than 10,000 euros expensive, with the result that now, 20 years later, most small cinemas with a still mono Analogton tormenting her.
At Digital projection is now passed None, unless by Harakiri. The small cinema, for which the conversion would be hardly more expensive than the above 10,000 euros, announce that "fidelity to the film" will be closed.
The big cinema chains and cinemas hesitation from a similar reason. You know that secretly, that the race is already lost: The technology at home can no longer obtain, and the investment of new technology must be in this business for years are written off, you can not put on 2k, two years later upgraded to 4k and more a year later on laser projection (an entirely different technology, its development for the benefit of the DLP projector was a bit asleep. Ten years ago it was about the principle clear, but does not have an opportunity to the laser, which for such a color would be required to cool).

All 3D films ever produced, were flops, including the recent experiments with Spy Kids and Beowulf.

Perhaps, but with 3D the value of the cinema back. There are only a few big, expensive movie temple. Only in the metropolis, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich. You have to actually go, like at a concert. You pay ¬ 100 entrance and gets offered the best technically, what this planet has to offer. There is a guarantee that the movie until two years later in the pay-per-view can be seen. And just as well as the technical page is the script. No hair-brain FdK3 shit. Yes, Lucas, Cameron and Bruckheimer have agreed to undertake better writers. They promise a cinema enjoyment with each film, as you would for the first time see Matrix.

A beautiful idea, right? I believe that nothing like this happens. Sometime back, I would like a cinema hall lurch as besoffen of the film. Sigh.

Antwort von PeterM:

Well with the hologram will still take a long time because even though 20 years is built, there is nothing which is greater than 1m.

At the laser projection, I've now in another thread is very clear and substantial position -
Eyeliner has nothing to do with holography.
We hold similar patents.
Who cares to look aud the English wiki page under Peppers ghost after.
It is simply a very clever mirror trick

Antwort von Kino:

Hello Axel,

You searched for me with your article in a "mental anthill" razor. To me these issues are countless ways and arguments. I'm trying 'times, this part a bit to arrange.

The problem lies in the complexity of the issue and that it is not the movies, just as it is THE film. The cinema landscape in Germany is in your multi s.der world leader. From neonstrahlenen, chrome flashing multiplex cinema with thousands of seats and numerous ancillary services to the owner / family run house in the province are all commercial hybrids represented. There are not yet commercial, some forms of highly subsidized.

Equally broad is the movies, the weekly on the new (circa 4800 in D) screens short. Most of it is imported and is in my opinion from "an industrial mass production," a return to fast and "roi" commodity-oriented. The much smaller part of domestic titles, whose production designs synonymous again taking a wide range of experimental film about the author prominent comedy to (hoping to international analysis for instance) literature reaching. Through the local film funding is the need for a commercial success to a large extent mitigated.

All together competing for the audience favor in a steadily growing / some homemade Competition with alternative forms (satellite TV, home entertainmant, pay TV, VoD, ...), which is also occupied the positive concept of "Movies" use (home -cinema, mobile cinema format, atrocities, etc.). It is available to evaluate duration of the productions in the (real) Movies naturally getting smaller. For the cinema and synonymous to the operator, this is especially for the quality and quantity of available film copies noticeable. Copies of large-offs, where good 1 / 4 after a few weeks back in the shredder wanders, remember more s.Einwegprodukte (picture booth, sharpness, color depth, short-track, ...). German products, and probably more expensive works, such as copying or Arri Geyer synonymous weeks are still a delight.

Of course, the best copy of no use if the projection technology can not keep up. Your assessment that most small cinemas only mono abspielfähig are, I can not share. Equally cruel is synonymous but the player a suboptimal 35mm copy on a screen 20m in Series seating <15th Here are the limits of physics is clearly exceeded.

Correction would be synonymous mE Your price the digitization of cinema projection. The talks are currently 50-80.000 EUR / room, but I believe that this is synonymous for the half to realize if the lender in manic circles Raubkopierer phobia could be cured, then on the entire encryption shit would be waived. Since it seems but a strong international lobby to give the synonymous future s.jeder digital copy of film "mitverdienen want to make the Filmgut for the three months up to DVD / BD do not fall into the wrong hands.

When submitting an acceptable financing model, I will obviously re-equip. The argument "fidelity to the film" I think of the Puritans for a pretext, in the described investment not to have competition. The reluctance of the chains (at least the two largest) has mE purely economic reasons. It is these two are on an investment model instructed that the real beneficiaries of digitization (the lender, by eliminating future costs for film prints and their logistics) at least for a transitional period to finance invites. Especially the complex itself would be the digitization of s.stärksten benefit because some demonstrators through a "Server Admin" could replace.

I participate myself synonymous not s.Diskussionen like "xyz Kodak may have more than 7k, for a 10m-2k canvas enough without any visible difference to a current copy," etc., etc., etc.,

.... because at one point you talking to me from the soul: There is no s.Shooting but s.guten stories!

The success of KeinOhrHasen, U

Antwort von Axel:

@ Christoph "Movies." I might have something tiefgestapelt with the ¬ 10,000 per room, but much more will not be. For recorded our two rooms (18 and 25 meter wide screen), the compact plants allegedly subject to 80,000 ¬, the prototypes a few years ago still cost 250,000 DM
But first, there are still prototypes - it is something constantly exchanged - and secondly, a canvas up to 7 meters with probably a much smaller version and thirdly from the state funding is part of the deal. Fourth, the competition in the corridors, and these things are cheaper.

It will comprise two given dates: the first, s.dem any Content, advertising, trailers and movie synonymous in parallel is available digitally. If you want, then change can be a hybrid operation in a room need not be given. That is, the projector will weggeschoben old, the new comes s.dessen body and is connected to Tonrack, lasts one hour. An existing automation can possibly also remain (the server give the show points s.bestimmten control pulses from the comparable film cues). What is the great transformation?

The second date is later than in seven years. Then it will only give digital content. Presenter s.da synonymous, there is no more: The moment in which public funding flows, a social prejudice synonymous, the main demonstrators two years of funding in the form of re-orientation of seminars to which they of the work must be released. Currently there is a need s.Krankenpflegern agents and tax professionals (the latter probably more of a travesty).

There must be a movie, who documented this work. This strange, unworldly tribes died out, and you should Schrat again experience. Reportage? Movie? Ideas on this?

PS: "13" is not in my vicinity. The trailer on the internet has me hot on the film, but I will probably a few weeks must have patience until he appears on DVD.

Antwort von Kino:

I am next week in Baden-Baden and very curious about the current state of discussion, particularly Prices. To state funding, I believe, only if and HDF VdF model to a common agreed upon. In the meantime, the FFA covered stick to what I would do differently is not synonymous.

Who is with you s.schrauben? Mr. Rue. from D? Then you have probably XDC server with Barco projectors, is not it? The only modification is to me synonymous measure only the air conditioning, as the "Server Mimöschen" S.22 ° C Clear Heat take. In the BWR are with me in the summer after the third presentation synonymous sometimes 35 ° and more inside. The AC will then probably have more power than the Pistons!

The idea of the work of a projectionists posterity to preserve, I had already synonymous.

Spontaneous but I came (unfortunately) only one S / gloss: IN THE STUDIO, Prof. B., fettes MD421 on the table, Anmoderation: "This cute fellow belongs to the family of projectionists, a critically endangered species of homo sapiens. Since the male is mostly active at night, there are insufficient opportunities by visiting the appropriate Balzplätze on pairing willing females to take. Etc, etc, etc, chapter "Farming the boys" may be dropped. " With some time lag, I would have this kind of representation provides regret.

The fiction genre is a film by Phillipe mE "Alfredo" Noiret unattainable occupied. Any further attempt must fail s.dieser hurdle.

What would remain would be a documentary about the occupation and the complexity of jobs. The spectrum ranged from highly purified MP-BWR (shortly before the visit of the Employer) to the "Cinema Paradiso". An historical retrospective of the year market projection silent with coals, crossfading, nitrated copies tower coils, plates, xenon flask to digitization. Witnesses, in the GDR, there was even a school in Langenau, s.der for skilled workers? were trained. In the last act was already übergeblendet, the guy in the form of retraining is approaching. The whole co-produced two of crazies who are to premiere the first time encounter; Well, insofar as it does not have to come!

Sorry Markus, totally OT

Antwort von Axel:

I thought s.etwas Surreal, in the approach as "the nuts on the go", where the projectionist in the trailer style appeals to the hard labor, despite (in his fantasy of course) and as an usher ends up there Kehrroboter appear.

FTT, XDC and Dolby servers, Christie lamp houses. Runs technically good, but there are currently little movies (Horton, looks better analogy, and the duration Burner "Our Earth" only by analogy, here pretty muddy).

End of OT.

Antwort von Kino:

I wish to Baden-Baden with a "water message to roll-out 'by e-mail from Dir interested but no one here.

OT over and out

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