Infoseite // Real Street Food Video

Frage von Cubey1985:

Hello slashCAM Forums Community

I have about 2 months in the Real Street Contest
Eating with my EOS550D filmed.

I would now like to hear your opinions once.
I take constructive criticism of you:)

Here is the link:


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Cool was fun to watch.

But somehow, the clothing style is NEN last Bissel? -)


B. DeKid


Antwort von Numquam:

still the same Trixx like 14 years ago when I started with are the sports have. Those were the days ..... the trust I am no longer today ;-)

As noted already correct, just the clothes have changed.

Not to be an advantage in my opinion. How can one go with such a close connection?

Otherwise top.


Antwort von Cubey1985:

Thank you both.

There is a lot of new tricks are not only just as combo's.
Or just with a lot of spin on the Rail.

And the trend is towards tight jeans are usually
but all stretch jeans, then the skate is no problem.
The baggy look like more None really, is not synonymous
necessarily Contemporary but not too tight the pants should be synonymous ^ ^
Only some of it exaggerates very happy.

Gruss Kai


Antwort von B.DeKid:


So when I go grad find wide trousers better because of the "leg" and because I can wear synonymous times faster the KneePaads underneath.

I did 18 years ago, few NEN Roller Boots from England brought with (ie, quasi hockey boots skates with wheels arranged as in between which had turned a kind of Rail)

To qualify in the pipe to align one's feet had high as Charlie Chapplin and so push. Due to the curved rail at the shoes you could then grind synonymous.

Then just kammen the first inline skates out first only as Gedönse K2, which were not so hot and especially durable.
But it has been quickly recognized the benefits related to rail slides then that was just some of the hit and synonymous None went more with the scooter boat ;-)

But to get to the point - wide trousers were almost a must s.besten 3 / 4 Long.

I can do to make the still like from the line boots for example Shots Following there are the easy bits for.

HalfPipe I drive no longer boots with no preference whether or BMX, because somehow you now so synonymous ne responsibility or is no longer as "courageous" than ever with 14 ;-)

Tingling tuts but still when I see it ;-)

So thanks again for the video!

B. DeKid

/ OT


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