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Real objects in videos with 2D-painting change of rudi - 21 Aug 2008 10:30:00
What the Entwicklungslabs of Mircrosoft show here, is again quite incredible. From an object, that of a (with the hand-guided) video is recorded, this algorithm creates a 2D texture, which you can then very easily with an image editing program can modify. This texture can then be left on the current video zurückgemappt be. This is obviously not only for virtual beards (as shown in the video) usable, but will certainly be a whole new trend for simple, digital retouching, open. Pimples and wrinkles times simply rub, brown skin color, etc.
We are eager to know when we sowas in a real application will see, and how easy the whole can then serve.

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Antwort von B.DeKid:

Very nice.

For all the mapen of Real Footage of 3D characters try or so closer to deal.

There will be photos with the help of an avatar reconstructed.

B. DeKid


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