Infoseite // Recommendation for private purchase: Canon HV30 - MiniDV old material to play?

Frage von claushicks:


Your forum is great. I ask for a council for the purchase of a cam for private use, but they should make good pictures and maybe for one or the other application movies suck.

For me: I have a little bit earlier with rental movies made, (VX-2000), but then could not invest so much money. Time for semi-professional work (was scheduled times), I have not at the moment (-> Children)
Had my Panasonic NV-MX-8 were purchased. The last year but was stolen.
Now I want to, especially because of the children, a new device to purchase.

The old MiniDV tapes, which I no longer can play, but time will be processed and sustainable synonymous archived.

The Micro-Cam should have input, DV-IN and manual controls, as synonymous good Lowlight behavior. (The old MX-8 has very gerauscht)
I have more older equipment (calculator Laptop Core 2-and TV-tube).

Now I consider two options:

1. Now Canon HV30 for everything synonymous when Cam to play much of the material is easy to pity?

2. Now simple MiniDV-Cam, perhaps needed: Panasonoc NV-GS 180, 230, 320, etc. for the old stuff and for the children ... Later, additional new product with promising format?

Thanks for your help,

Gruß, Jan


Antwort von tommyb:

Experiment but with two.

Now a cheap MiniDV used for your existing recordings (possibly a new synonymous).

And while HV30 for current recordings.

To play on normal DV tapes in SP mode were you can take any camera.


Antwort von claushicks:

I thank you, I'm currently a bit short of money and therefore consider at ebay for a used machine to buy just enough for now.

Gruß, Jan


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