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Frage von Jultog:

Hi! My name is Julian and I have the following concerns:

There is an opening device in which is allowed to film, and to create sound recordings. There it is always very loud and the acoustics are poor. Since then I regularly take up the Sound and the Expiry are always bad, I ask myself the question whether it would be possible to record directly to the sound of the radio microphone tap (). That sounds awfully sure of ilegal, but I want to record only the direct sound that comes out of the speakers (as I said, sound recordings are sowiese allowed).

Is it possible, with a auzuzeichnen software on a laptop?

Thank you for your time!


Antwort von deti:

The frequency of the microphones can be read on the receiver and the transmitter synonymous - s.besten you ask the technician on site. Then you have to find out what works in the radio-frequency micro. More (For Germany is currently still the D-and E-approved tape):$File/BerD_780-822MHz.pdf$File/BerE_823-865MHz.pdf

Then you buy a receiver such as Sennheiser EK100 (see and the frequency set of the microphone. If multiple microphones used simultaneously, you need both a receiver.

The receiver then you can s.Kameras, connect audio recorder or notebook.



Antwort von TobiasD:

The beneficiaries of the existing radio links are so surely somewhere in a mixer to be plugged. So s.besten local technicians pray for an output ;-)


Antwort von nohab:

Yes, this is possible.
Say you with the sound engineer on site. If the radio link is encrypted, it will not go so easily. otherwise tapping you with any radio scanner the signal.


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