Infoseite // Record sound separately! 48 khz or 44 khz?

Frage von KennyCam:


has an interview tomorrow and want to record the record Sperate ton. now buzzes me a question by the head that made me confused: - /
should be the audio recorder recording mode set the khz to 48? for video and audio are different yet in kHz-range?!

someone knows what he?


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

If 48KHz are available, then I would use synonymous 48KHz. Sure.

When video is used usually 48KHz. This is synonymous for evaluations. 44.1KHz is really only still in use for CD (perhaps MPEG1, right?).


Antwort von Frank B.:

If you have the option s.Recorder, take the 48 kHz. This corresponds to the audio recording in the video stream. High brings, especially in interview situations or with voice but not much in the video editing program needs the audio file, but not again be adjusted. At different sampling rates, it can sometimes come with longer maturities to synchronization problems.



Antwort von KennyCam:

thank you, thank you. I think yes synonymous. was not only 100% secure.



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