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Frage von _L_:

Hi together
I draw on s.Wochenende a theater production, which I sometimes videos are displayed on a screen on stage.
The actors respond in part to the image sometimes not.

I film with three cameras:
1 Total
1 Cam Right
1 Cam Left

But the question is how to film the video recordings.
Filling abfilmen image, or install it in the POST Originialvideo?
How do I make the transition? Rice pivot of actors on screen?

How is this normally done?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Clear: Because of your detailed information on the appearance of the entire set to your ambitions for the recordings to the specifications of the customer, the type and frequency of the interactions of actors with the video recordings, to size and position of the video screens on the content and dramaturgy and the clips have relevance in relation to total production du film compelling as follows:

[List] ALWAYS vollformatig video filming.
ALWAYS with a slow pan of rice to the actors on the video screens and then with a rapid slow swing back to the film actor.
ALWAYS the videos in the mail by then mapped Corner Pin in perfect quality on the video screens.
. ALWAYS with all three cameras simultaneously record exactly the same as good [/ list: u: 383ddbc09e]
In this way the world are ALL theater productions with video clips filmed and thus always succeed perfectly!

I hope I have helped! :-)


Antwort von _L_:

Hello Debonnaire

Thank you for your reply. Then I'll do it exactly as you described. :-)
How about with a blue screen recording, so the actors can release better from the screen?

No, seriously. I thought there was perhaps the general tips. This seems indeed not to be the case, so I have detailed information on the theater.
The game is played Faust I, stage is 2-storey, s.der rear wall in the second Floor is the canvas (approx 2mx2m).

Video recordings are, for example at the poodle transformation, Faust stands on the lower level and looks up at the video.

Gretchen and Faust sees in the mirror. Or fist dreams (dream on video, so here noInteraktion).

Hope that's enough s.Infos. :-)

Thank you and lg


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