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Frage von Hirnsarg:


have the search function found nothing of the sort, so here is my answer: I would like with a new / used record to be purchased Camera football, which I will later cut to five-minute reports for the Web together. At the same time but I would like to spend a synonymous Picture ago to get it to stream directly via the Internet. At the sound my camera micro would be enough to get something to take with atmosphere. I also want to invest for the whole package (if I have a video mixer or the like would have to buy it) no more than + / ¬ -1000.

Who knows some advice?

Thanks already times,

It greets the brain coffin.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Virtually every camcorder in addition to its actual recording medium or outputs to make the video auggenommene s.die environment, uB to watch it on a television or the digital signal to DV or USB to get into a computer.

This set of outputs so on during the recording of the current signal. You can use this to what is included just to show simultaneously on a projector or stream to the Internet.

I would probably take a DV recorder, with the DV port (Firewire) already provides a good digital signal.

want a separate video mixer you need only when you have multiple cameras and switch between which you / want to survive, or as a current scoreboard in the Picture mix.


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