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Frage von slehmann:

Hello dear Members,

I plan in the next time a live recording and have now probably for the following camera models are available:


It is important that the entire production should be kept in 16:9. The works with the cameras? Quality differences are seen between the models?

I'm looking forward to your answers!


Antwort von marwie:


So the difference in quality between the VX2100 and the DVX 100AE will probably be not very large, are both very good SD cameras with 4:3 sensor, the VX2100 is the lowlight be something better than the 100th Dvx

However, the FX1 is an HDV camera, there is the quality, va. the detail resolution, forward-law you have enough light, even better. I'm assuming the film to be such afterwards in Pal format? I would rather take the FX1 for the long shots and the Pal cameras for close-ups, then it should go more quality from. see (too wide shot with DV Pal from you soon blurred, as simply less detail) to be dissolved.
The problem is synonymous that neither the VX2100 or the DVX100A proper 16:9 can, therefore, is (either letterbox or squeeze'm not sure if the VX2100 has a squeeze mode or not), leading to losses synonymous again.

What a concert is the eigenltich? For example, at a rock concert with rapidly changing light conditions, it does not matter if some of the white balance for any camera is the same, but light as a classical concert with constants, it's important that the picture always looks about the same, ie The same has weissabglich etc.
With 3 different cameras, it can be problematic under circumstances even if the picture still looks a little different.

I would take more then 3 identical HDV cameras for hire not halt.


Antwort von Meggs:

I have very good experience in SD 16:9 with 2 XM2 and 1 A1.

How Marwie wrote that the HD camera for the shot, the SD cameras for details. For close-ups of the lower-resolution 16:9 is hardly noticeable. Additional advantage: The HD picture can change the neckline. I would imagine that if the above 3 cameras which comes out nice. In dark scenes, the VX2100 can play out their Lowlightfähigkeiten.


Antwort von tommyb:

The FX1 can be synonymous but normally operate in the DV mode. Then it was consistently the same format on all three ...


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