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Frage von McConner:


The following is to realize and I do not know exactly how I can get it and maybe someone of you experience:
There are 2 cameras, SonyVX 1000 and Canon XM2.
They should firmly s.2 different locations will be mounted and operated via a remote control. Lt in a Videomischpu the signals are then cut and saved to live hard drive.
My questions:
Is this possible and where can I find the necessary equipment?
Well, the computer and the cameras I have already. But the remote and the video mixer? Or perhaps it is indeed synonymous differently, live cut from 2 cameras.
Am grateful for any help.

Kind regards


Antwort von Lutz Haller:

So I make these things more often. It looks like this:
I have 4-6 cameras in a house (concert, theater, musicals ...). Although there are usually manned, but if I put a camera on stage, or a camera rig to hang around filming of the top, so I use remote-controlled. The whole video signals (and sound) to run with me in the Directing via cable or radio together and there are of cut my live s.einem mixer. From there, I can remotely control the cameras synonymous. The cut picture then I guess s.Laptop and digitally on tape.
The technology will be relevant for you:
Video Mixer: Videonics MX-1
Remote-controlled camera heads: coming of Soligor and cost around 100 ¬. They are operated via an infrared remote control. If you still conventional video transmitter uses you can, the pan-tilt heads and the camera (zoom - synonymous infrared) synonymous operate over long distances, since the radio station in the opposite direction, an infrared signal transmitted.

If you have any questions, you can now pleased to report to me, I do it so often. What do you want to do? Maybe I can help out with my equipment.



lh-video [ad] gmx [dot] com


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