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Festplatten Wechselrahmen / extern und intern?

Removable hard disks under / external and internal?

Frage von curtis:
August 2007

Good day,

for a technical and equally concerned by the workflow problem, I am in search of a sensible solution to the increasingly auswuchernde chaos within our production processes in the post under control. Short description:

Problem No.1:

My data backups are too small, turnkey projects in a folder on the DLT tapes written and archived project files of the used software (Avid, Vegas and After Effects) come again on a separate plate.

Problem No.2:

3 Workstations
2 laptops for the mobile interface
No fileserver, sharing project is a horror. Rumgeschiebe of projects to external disks, chaos.

Problem No. 3:

All workstations are running on, each with about 2TB data, projects distributed in different versions on different calculator, etc.

Proposed solution:

Since fileserver too expensive, or not usable mobile s.Folgendes I thought:

HDD backplane (frame shift housing, mostly intended for RAID operation) for each workstation to be relevant quantities s.Harddisks. Immediately then the following solution for the benefit of the data:
Project is done locally on a hard drive worked, project files in each project folder and locally on the workstation memory and on a network drive for general availability, synonymous with mobile connectivity s.unseren webserver. Upon completion of the project moves the hard drive as a whole and in addition to the archive to DLT tape. Increased data sharing and project much easier.

The hard disks are used in future projects with the offset, when converted vll. 50-100 euros per project falls under the rather yes expenses.

The main problem that I still see the changing context s.sich: Where there is change of context, which are equally relevant in an internal casing run to pull and then leave as an external housing act? And in the best case, of course, with FW 800, USB or eSATA?

If someone from experience here a better solution to Worfklow, technology, or else what my problem relates to climate change, and so forth always thank you in advance. A financial framework for this, I have not really made, I just need the whole course, my bosses will be able to talk nicely.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Your problem is not entirely without .....

Actually it should be possible to include in an external enclosure to install a removable frame. It would make a 5 1 / 4 "bay, in the synonymous CD / DVD drive could be installed. That would be me, but too vague.

I think that normal external USB / Firewire hard disks are the best solution. (Warning, some systems have problems when capturing, if the data via firewire directly s.eie other firewire port go out again - as possibly the best USB version).

The s.den you can either stationary PC, as synonymous s.den laptop. I would recommend that all devices be configured so that the external hard drive systems s.allen the same drive letter gets. Else you have time and again the paths (in the project files) again.

For information or online access to shared data "in-house" could be a Gigabit Ethernet Network Edition (s.die synonymous laptops connected to sin, when the house) and a network disk or a server initiated. With Raid 5 data losses are due to defective hard disks are very rare. (But what a backup is not obsolete, there is ultimately synonymous nor other errors or accidents that may happen - accidental deletion of files or a fire in the server room). The price for a server, I would not be so high, since a mediocre PC (or from the average operating surplus) is totally sufficient and SOWISO many disks you need. This is to some more non-synonymous to drauf .... It does not even have a proper domain, a simple and inexpensive peer network (like home) ranges synonymous.

Oh, Pleasure of data on a web server off my view brings nothing. There is the courier probably faster .... A synonymous DV or HDV stream is 25 Mbit / s. Even with a (A) DSL uplink with 1 Mbit / s would you like for a 1-minute contribution Transfer need 25 minutes ...

Antwort von curtis:

Thank you for your suggestions. The next step I am. There is actually a backplane enclosure whose removable rack synonymous to a designated external housing fit. I find this ever been quite pleasant, unfortunately, the only external USB enclosure connection. Quite ok, but is perhaps even better. For a fileserver synonymous, I have a few solutions of my own IT technicians receive. I will still probably rather just a network drive with the collected project files.

Basically my problem is already closer to the basics of the workflow of a small studio to find, but there is only a small choice s.Lösungen.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

If the IT specialist suggested NAS drives? Are essentially small servers, but with less administrative burden and Stromverbauch.

Synonymous, I think that the main problem is the workflow s.sich. The difficult but you will change. Perhaps it is the USB disk in the box the easiest option. The then for safety reasons over night on a stationary system copy. If you have the opportunity, then you should see the two systems as far away from each other, preferably with thick walls in between. Then you lose in the fire case "only" one working day.

In any case, but please tell s.Ende as you've done it. For many small production houses istz certainly as interesting as a very ambitious amateur filmmaker who also have multiple cutting machine ....

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