Infoseite // Remove the logo with Premiere Pro available materials?

Frage von Andre Steiger:

I know there are good tools or filter (eg for Virtualdub) to remove logos (well, everything seems unrecognizable to ...). My question would be whether we can accomplish the synonymous with PPro board funds. I once played around with the blur effect, but not the war s.eine certain place and a certain size (eg accurately positioned over the logo).
Has anyone an idea?


Antwort von jasmin61:


I would do it with a nested sequence, as you can then with a mask that you create in the Title Dsesigner to determine exactly the size and shape. > See the Adobe help.

Good luck


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Get the logo even inside, the video belongs to the sender ...


Antwort von Andre Steiger:

"Anonymous" wrote: Get the logo even inside, the video belongs to the sender ...

no fear, is purely for private purposes. The legal circumstances are already known to me, it's just not only looks nice when suddenly in a well-fitting s.sich video sequence appears as a logo ..



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