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Renderzeiten von XDCAM EX und DVCProHD Material

Render times of DVCProHD and XDCAM EX material

Frage von Ipiranga:
Februar 2008

How long renders man with a MacBook Pro (2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) with Final Cut Pro s.einem 30 min wmv video, if the source material is as follows:

XDCAM EX 1280x720p / 25 fps
XDCAM EX 1920x1080p / 25 fps

DVCPro HD 1280x720p / 25 fps
DVCPro HD 1920x1080 / 25 fps

Who could approximate it? Can synonymous another Mac or its file. I just want to know how long this lasts and about whether the 100 MBit large in DVCProHD MotionJPEG coding faster than that seen in MPEG2 coding XDCAM EX.

S.alle Thanks!

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Ipigania

Who you like to answer this question can give fairly good hells should be able to view .. This is not meant sarcastically, but it depends on so many parameters to indicate that there is no general answer to this question. Also regarding the 100 Mbit DVCPro not take for both formats at 720 because when you have almost 40 times grad Mbit / s.
Also need to make a relevant comparison to be made, the output parameters to be identical.
At these conditions fail synonymous throughout the codec comparison tests, because basically everything possible comparison is just not what the test should hergeben. There are a whole list of preconditions necessary for a relevant test must vote.
Therefore, there can be no serious answer to your question.

Antwort von roedely:

I know! The question was worded a bit vague and probably has discouraged many to reply.

I just want to know what is generally faster at rendering is: DVCProHD and XDCAM EX?

How long would it approximately take 30 minutes if you 720p or 1080p video rendering? Assuming the video was just cut and everything is on a layer. There were no other changes or Farbkorekturen. Does it take a MacBook Pro with 2 hours or more, it takes 15 hours?

I need only an estimate on the thumb, because I still have HD and I am a virgin because of FCP6 probably wants a Mac growth.
With FCP6 seems to be in HD on the Page to be safe, since it DVCProHD, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, HDV and AVCHD support synonymous.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Ipiranga

I know the answer is you do not synonymous, because it is again important to ...
DVCPro In principle, each picture is calculated.
The computational content of MPEG-based signals is for the most part, after the effort of the movement in the picture, because the encoder, the most time in the motion estimation must expend.

Not least, and of course, synonymous strongly reduced after your computer performance. If you're there a MacPro before you did and FCP6 you can run it of an organic implementation of the HW, MW and SW out.
Surely a good way for a stress-free work and certainly synonymous currently one of the fastest ways.

Antwort von Ipiranga:

"WoWu" wrote:

The computational content of MPEG-based signals is for the most part, after the effort of the movement in the picture, because the encoder, the most time in the motion estimation must expend.

Is your opinion the use of a tripod, in a format based on MPEG encoding based recommended? If the file is smaller ersellte or does that when Rausrendern from the editing program to save time?

Antwort von WoWu:

Short answer: Yes

MPEG is a combination of different tools, which are synonymous to each other. Three essential conditions for MPEG are: motion, sharpness and time.
For my mind leads blur to the most visible artifacts.
MPEG delivers excellent images sharp when the content, and rich in contrast and bright enough.
Then synonymous motion plays only a minor role. Also you have to rendering processes give enough time and they do not get terminated ... contrary to popular belief, fast rendering processes are not necessarily the better.

Antwort von Ipiranga:

"WoWu" wrote:
... contrary to popular belief, fast rendering processes are not necessarily the better.

I am not at the moment is not quite up to date, but about a year before me the true wmv codec s.liebsten. He was much faster and stronger than other compressing MPEG-4 based codecs such as Sorenson 3 Quicktime, RealPlayer or DivX synonymous.

I then renders a 90 minute DV-PAL video from Avid Xpress to wmv with 640x480. It takes the same time 12-15 hours if you have a couple of graphics, color, etc. added. If you now have multiple versions and in different resolution power, it takes quite a lot of time to complete. It comes then, unfortunately, often behind it, that you still remember what has and then you can render the whole thing again.

In the future, I would just use the HD format and I fear me now before the rendering times. Since passing the Rausrendern, now if you have forgotten something and must render again, probably the same times a week or more.

Antwort von WoWu:

I can well understand and that is synonymous precisely the reason why we prefer synonymous dedicated HW.
But if the software solution used should be between a good quality and a fast Durchrendern already decided.
But the whole thing is of course synonymous of the calculator-dependent HW yet and how well the software rendering processes to different tasks can be split ... and how well it then of the computer architecture supports. In the current modification of computer architectures, it is not always guaranteed that every program because afterwards comes zugewonnene and the performance really.
The choice of the combination is extremely important ... heist and combination hardware / middleware / software. If this is true of the processes are running well and fast. In most cases, unfortunately, is any software on any hardware "gepropft" and among them are still a lot of unnecessary processes for all sorts of stuff s.and will have bad results or slow rendering processes geschimpft ...
If the conditions are such as they should be, there is such complaints are not.

Antwort von Ipiranga:

The purchase of a dedicated HW worth it for me, because I produce too little.

Are there any good turnkey solutions and what the cost?

What is Middleware? - The operating system?

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Ipiraga

My recommendation would be a MacPro with Final Cut Pro 6.xx
But now I must really say there are certainly synonymous great solutions on the PC, not a new debate forward.
Our observations in the Mac Final Cut Pro combination is that the implementations reasonable, if not always synonymous perfectly made. Even if Apple sometimes rather too long to the European format support .... Homeland remains at the home country and the old world is often neglected.
Nevertheless, the majority of Apple solutions quite well.
By ProRes422 I would be slightly more cautious in an MPEG environment and would attempt to establish a transcoding to circumvent (avoid). But that is nothing new.
To synonymous middleware include the OS, but the synonymous Drivers whose implementations are often amateurish and often synonymous with only rudimentary equipment protocols, ie, to say quite "flat" way, actually the software packages to which you have no real access .

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