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Frage von Charly66:

Hello and good evening,
my question to the rendered preview files while editing a film: Will these files later to the DVD authoring still needed, or can they be during the working session weglöschen. I have a bigger project in the works (two cameras in parallel, about 60 minutes of video!). Meanwhile, the rendered preview files on 50 GB accumulated (video effects, transitions, color, etc.) I need space on the hard drive and have a little Jitter when I weglösche that I am on the DVD rendering problems then warrior. It would be super if someone could give an advice.
Greeting Charly66


Antwort von Jörg:

You can delete them without worry,


Antwort von Charly66:

"Joerg" wrote: You can delete them without worry,

Hello Jörg,
it has a little bit, but now it's done: I have in my project, the preview files. The DVD is synonymous finished, but after deleting I have known the red line in the timeline view, which means that it must be re-rendered. Before creating the DVD, the program then the whole Project (55 min playing time) re-rendered, which is about two hours lasted. Then came the encoding to MPEG 2, then the unusually long (about 6 hours) lasted. Whether such a long time now with the preview deleted files or with the complex Project (two cameras, two audio, text insertion, video effects, etc.) has to do, I do not know. Mainly the disc is ready.

Greeting Charly


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