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Kabelloses Reportermikrofon?

Reporter Wireless microphone?

Frage von Andysound:
April 2010


I stand before a small problem. For some field work of a videocast, we need reporters microphones are wireless. Unfortunately I have not found a really cheap version and have encountered only on the following, interesting model: HHB FLASHMIC DRM 85 C



Does anybody know a better solution? Often two moderators in the Picture and are therefore everyone needs his own microphone. From mobile recorders I have to join because of the handling noise and a little panic wired microphone recorder s.einen dissolves back from cable clutter.

How to solve s.besten that? At a crowded trade fair can be described as "raging reporter" bad with purely the XLR cables directly into the camera, without causing tripping hazards. I still have heard of the Sennheiser plug-on, am I but in terms of frequencies and models unsure which one can still use s.2015 registration free. They also have two receivers and Plug-priced rather high synonymous in the context (which seems, but to be normal for a wireless solution).

I would be very grateful of any help, how to implement the wireless or wired problem or what products are suitable for these applications on the market. The Flashmic would already be a great solution, but unfortunately a bit too expensive.

Even now, many thanks!

Antwort von domain:

For purely acoustic features, I can already imagine Flash micros but not in connection with simultaneous video recordings. The merging of Picture and two audio sources, which then runs it does not necessarily synchronously over longer passages will, on average, far too complicated and cumbersome.
Without control headphones I make no shots with the G3 Sennheiser radio link for example.
If two presenters act simultaneously, then there must hold a second set can be purchased and, on the right channel of the camcorder. Such equipment but you can certainly borrow synonymous.

Antwort von beiti:

The cheapest radio series that I know, they are here:

The biggest drawback of this cheap version seems to be the lack of frequency selection. Systems without a selectable frequency is always some risk involved - especially in environments where maybe other teams with wireless mics are on the road.

A separate record with Flash or Micro-recorder, I think the bottom line for problem-free. With radio can go wrong much more. Yes, the subsequent Tonanlegen does some work, but is ultimately a matter of practice.

The Linked Flash mics are unfortunately very professionally designed and thoroughly overpriced. Their only tangible advantage over "cheap" flash recorders, the microphone-pleasing form. I could imagine, however, that man with a slim flash recorder and a nice wind protection on it hinkriegt a similar Optics.

Antwort von domain:

I myself have even been integrated synonymous with the Edirol external recorded sound to video, but if I am not against any one in Picture and Sound Recording would have taken at the same time recognizable hands clapping, I would have become with the many takes on average a mushroom: D
Depends probably synonymous of how fast you need to deliver material. If you have a lot of time for the permanent push around the tracks, it is not a bad solution.

Antwort von Andysound:

What spark of Sennheiser because one would have to buy to synonymous safe and trouble in the future "to spark" can?

Antwort von TobiasD:

G3 or G2. I recommend G3, for example ew 135-p.

The e-tape (but only s.863MHz) remains, the D-tape will be shown in future with other radio services, with the use of wireless microphone systems there is still allowed to 31/12/2015.
Note: For the C-tape is a paid assignment of spectrum required by the FNA.

Antwort von Somin:

The Flashmic is top but incredibly expensive (even currently still cost about 1000) and for what you do not plan suitable. I would resort to Sennheiserfunke synonymous.
PS: I have been working with both devices.

Antwort von Andysound:

Thank s.alle before, the post here your tips and suggestions!

"TobiasD" wrote:
The e-tape (but only s.863MHz) remains

Is this not s.einigen squares enormously scarce? The e-tape is so only up to 865,000 MHz. And the C-tape is even more charges ... because one can expect in the future with other radio links? Then, early purchase would be annoying if some months later, new frequencies are negotiated.

Five years is a long time, but if you have decided on the D-tape and expect to need the equipment s.2016 to throw in the trash that is not the most ideal solution synonymous. :-(

By the way I sound tracks and shuffling I must have no real problem. The scenes are generally short, making the asynchronous meaning probably not occur until it is hardly necessary, and I simply can customize the soundtrack.

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