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Reporting: reporting: 3D at IFA 2009: Panasonic, JVC, Samsung of thomas - 7 Sep 2009 19:11:00
> 3D is probably this year's IFA, the most striking trend and should be the next big thing is to convince the consumer, the (; newly acquired) High Definition Television again exchanged for a new one. Here we present the efforts of the various 3D Manufacturer in this little report.
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Antwort von HF:

Thank you for the impression in the "Subjective 3D-picture impression. That is exactly what I was missing in all the technical hype-reporting of the industry so far: How does it feel to it. It'sa testament to the author of this paper that something here will ever come to Language and b) it was still synonymous sensitively written.

It also shows synonymous to the problems of 3D: Not really no one really knows how to deal with 3D and it is wasted, especially for grandstanding. But this will quickly become boring and the spectators want to but then again see interesting films (see Special F / X) in normal movies.


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