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Reverie - erster Feature Film komplett mit der Nikon D90 gedreht

Reverie - first feature film complete with the Nikon D90 rotated

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Juni 2009

Reverie - first feature film complete with the Nikon D90 rotated Of rob - 30 Jun 2009 09:41:00
As the first fully with the Nikon D90 features twisted her film-maker to market the film. The fact that this has calculated the same title as the spectacular Canon EOS 5D MKII video of Vincent Laforet, although seems At little strange - but we will wait it off - the Project is always interesting ...

° VV = 4608964

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Antwort von Flohre:

Those seem to be very nice pictures ... synonymous with color ...
But the "rolling shutter" which distorted pictures are really creepy.

Antwort von strike300xxx:

So, I was not cut down now.

Black crushed far too strong.

Antwort von HF:

I understand the world anymore: No longer the content of a film is of interest, so the story or meinentwegen synonymous grandiose stunt technique. No.. Also stars, starlets and wannabe starlets are not the reason why we look at the film, while taking the wannabes so in recent years more and more upper hand. No, not synonymous.

Camera rotated with what the film was: THIS is interesting.

Sorry guys, if this is Merketing argument, then there is the urge for me the film deliberately NOT to see.

I was then in the movies in Soderbergh's "Full Frontal", which he has rotated on DV. Which is precisely for the reason to watch at times, such as DV looks at movies. Man, the film was underground, and technical limitations, both as synonymous content. Luckily, I later saw "24 Days Later" and "INSIDE EMPIRE", showing how it might work.

All Good

Antwort von Zizi:

Camera rotated with what the film was: THIS is interesting.

Yes because that is synonymous here a corresponding forum!
For the video itself: I do not find umhauend ..
If the like in the cinema or?

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

I shoot just unbelievable finds that moved for great pictures with a DSLR you can. Simply great.

Antwort von Christian Schmitt:

Has excited me most of the DoP or the "all crap" is the name!

The images have sometimes violently rocking, otherwise I think it looks better than several synonymous nichtviel DVX / HVX plus adapter Movies ...
But for the price of the camera absolute madness!

But if not story, acting and setting can not compete, I am ultimately synonymous no preference, which was Fürn Camera in action ...

Antwort von Bernd E.:

For more information and a link is to a PDF where all crap reasons why he has the D90 including the 5D MkII (; still with the old firmware preferred) include:

Antwort von Flohre:

So I have encountered are synonymous, that we needed a film presented here should definitely be assessed on its technical quality ...
Right here at Slashcam

Antwort von Axel:

Colors horrible, horrible drawing, it may be concluded in such extreme cases synonymous to the original. What you do not know how much has been ruined in the mail, probably the most. Was there actually a color picture of each for himself or is "awesome"? The cut is pleasing, but it hurts synonymous. One can see how it is meant, you see it through clearly. Sharpness? Although this is a vimeo is compression, there are a lot HV30 clips (; and of course Mark 2 clips) in which the sharpness is better. Long ago that the original footage I've seen in a holder, I only remember that I was not overly enthusiastic.

Antwort von JonasB:

"The fact that this has calculated the same title as the spectacular Canon EOS 5D MKII video of Vincent Laforet [...]"

What is s.dem, I tell me, "Test Video" Of Laforet please "spectacular"? I feel the content of movies as "leeeeer" just a test video and optical I've seen similar things in videos where some guys are clamped, the Mark II at night s.ihr BMX.

As has "Reverie - D90 won" for me (; Although I clued-in on the content does not know, at least as an experiment from) ... but I would have expected a lot more than I rollingshutterbedingte pudding heads and photos after the colors of "Och times Turn up the contrast knob look. The latter is me no preference as long as the film's content that can. But in such Rollingshutter I would rather work with ner CCD MiniDV and nem simple adapter ... ok when the light conditions ungebingt not an option.

The D90 rotated with "PR campaign, plus I'd say anything ...



Antwort von pilskopf:

So the music has been completely stripped to the times, what was shown. The color contrast to the scenes is not synonymous true, because I have to agree with Axel. I think that you get synonymous with Cam and any other appropriate color correction if not synonymous to homogeneous. But bad is synonymous something else. Has the Cam at least 25 frames?

Antwort von JonasB:

"pilskopf" wrote:
Has the Cam at least 25 frames?

No, she with 24p on ... what is not, however, to complain. 50p TY still good: P



Antwort von pilskopf:

Thank you, but not bad.

Antwort von Zizi:

Why should 24 be better than 30p?
More jerky, as NTSC has problems and is of the impression Picture synonymous little better.
Anyway I do not understand why all the hate NTSC so?
With after-effect, or with various programs you can even pull one so clean that difficult to carry out a notice a difference ..
If it is really made time for Röhrenfersehen on DVD or for television!
The rest have no preference kanns eh shit any HD Television / PC can 24p/30p/60i etc.. Where else is zeugs not seen before .. otherwise you might as well still a SonyCX1000 with filming, etc.!
And honestly .. Who puts a Mark2 or D90 or what do I know what NTSC HD cams in order to burn the material onto a DVD and view on a CRT monitor?
And there the Qualitätsuntershcied would not stand for such old eh-primitive resolutions!

Antwort von PowerMac:

Blah, blah, blah, blah? Blah-blah-blah Nla. -Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!

Antwort von pilskopf:

After Effect so synonymous grows on trees, I've completely forgotten. Moreover, it is not enough to see little difference special no. Of course, who does not want 25 images needed, ok, yes, is still far from each other.

Antwort von Zizi:

I'll go out like that most of the film with sowas not make films for the worldwide movies for Youtube and other things but are not very sensitive to NTSC!
Most make only a hobby eh shots!
Hence totally no preference ..
And what are American productions of the presses for wEuropa DVDs?
Since it is umgwewandelt synonymous 24p or 30p in 25p/50i?
And I can not Errinnern that this has ever had a disturbed!
I just did with Final Cut 2 moving cars with the 30p to 24p pulldown
Converts .. And the difference is not available until closer to the jerk is just what more s.The 24p.
If you rausnimmt the right images from the 30fps anyway remembers no pig .. so for me it's somehow understandable that everybody complains about it - as if it were so horrible to make a conversion!

Antwort von pailes:

"Zizi" wrote:
If you rausnimmt the right images from the 30fps anyway remembers no pig ..

And how does one sees that, just because you do not notice, that is still far from being that other people do not respond sensitively to it. But maybe you recognize some synonymous, that does not represent you and your use cases, the measure of all things.

so for me it's somehow understandable that everybody complains about it - as if it were so horrible to make a conversion!

Yes, it's horrible. Hideous it is almost impossible.

Btw. moving cars is a bad example, because you can probably make a pretty perfect pull purely on the basis of pixel movements.

Antwort von Zizi:

How then machens American shipments?
Muting to us all the horrible images on TV?
Can see I've never heard a complaint about that one such material does not!
German to attract millions of daily hours to the entire American NTSC comedy CSI nonsense on their PAL tube purely twisted .. wenns so hideous as you claim they would all prefer to see the scene!
is not so .. Well it's just like all the things .. everyone wants verdeit his position / pride of ownership and for a quantum of doom and one is true, not at first take it!
I find that everything is far too exaggerated!

Antwort von pailes:

I think series with a corresponding budget are then rotated to 24p and 25p on a conversion is straightforward. Everything of 30 or 29.97fps converted to 25fps must halt does not look well and fighting with various problems, depending on the pull-down procedure.

With the general public, I would not argue that the general public is synonymous in the food discount stores and consumed canned food.

If I have a camera with a large sensor and am so picky on image quality, then I should be synonymous attach value to a perfect reproduction, otherwise the impression s.einer elsewhere is obscured.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Oh, Zizi, but it just does not look so great. Expensive series with 30p or 60i images is with expensive hardware converters normgewandelt. Snell & Wilcox - 250,000 euros. Other series with 24p will only accelerate.

Antwort von pilskopf:

Most people whom I have to make a video just a DVD recorder, a DVD synonymous can look very good. HDCam my SD material looks better than my SD of action. In addition, if you know that later prints only in SD, after all, one has the ability to zoom on a digital basis. And if I want Dof is so ne Cam may be quite practical. But this requires synonymous hold 25 pictures. Not 24 or 30 but 25th That can not be synonymous so hard for the Cam Manufacturer.

A film student currently testing the Canon synonymous thinks kacke with 30 frames because it is so at festivals not far, more accurately, so take 30 pictures of stuff at all. Can afford I have no idea whether such a drop will work perfectly on a low budget program but after ejin effect one must only times when you do not have to buck a copy.

Antwort von Zizi:

I have music videos and a lot of projects with an XH A1 @ 30p and just rotated the 5D Mark2 .. everything was never a problem to convert to 25p was used wenns mal!
Although a further step, but in the end mühsahmer None could really detect a difference.
Since I do not need no ¬ 250,000 workhorse!
What does that do differently / better as AE?
Simply take out the correct frame-> sampling and ready.
I think the 30p froze for some scenes, but quite practical regarding / slow motion, etc. because it has 1 / 4 frames more! But as I said .. If only produced on a tube or Fernsehanstallten etc. for this is quite a problem but for that I buy myself nich üsnhaft expensive HD equipment for the home.
for everything else I see is less of a problem as it is everywhere suggiert!
I would prefer 25p synonymous with one 5D but what solls.
I do not even know sitting in front of the television with magnifying glass at any stuttering errors to which the subject of no importance anyway if done correctly

Antwort von pailes:

You are so cute. Show me your music videos here.

Antwort von Ficeduld:

I would be more interested in how it markets the so sowas 14,000 hits on Vimeo innerhab is of 4 days ... I'm serious ..... how to do that??

Antwort von derpianoman:

"PowerMac" wrote:
Blah, blah, blah, blah? Blah-blah-blah Nla. -Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!

Finally a constructive answer! :)

Antwort von MK:

"PowerMac" wrote:
Snell & Wilcox - 250,000 euros.

Since the merger with Pro-Bel name is the only Snell. The Alchemist costs in the HD version including all optional extensions but under 200.000.

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