Infoseite // Review: JVC GY-HM150 gentle evolution

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Hi, \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e Thank you for the test! \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e You all right with - the regular Wide Angleist no longer a contemporary edge, just below the average low-light characteristics and the Image Stabilization. \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e (?): One point I would like however to point to the positive side, it is to my knowledge the only cam in the league, where you can handle and dismantle XLR plug: this is it - especially when traveling - synonymous times where the movie in, where it would have with a more professional looking for a cam means "nyet." *) \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e LG \u003cbr /\u003e Reinhard \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e *) This is the main reason why I am this camera concept has remained faithful.


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Even without dieCanonXA10 will handle audio and RF unit for G10 inconspicuous.


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