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Test: Test: JVC GZ-HM1 of rudi - 20 May 2010 11:32:00
> The GZ-HM1 provides additional controls and a Backside Illuminated image sensor, the top model of the consumer class of the JVC dar. enough for a better camcorder?


Antwort von garfieldsowhat:

and in such a poor "test" had I been waiting for weeks with stress?

A little more enthusiasm and content I have been expecting!

The few details we had weak synonymous found Sun

Who knows, maybe the editors of Panasonic lubricated but because their cut mikrige 1/4-Inch Camcoder surprisingly well, despite a green / turquoise sky ...


Antwort von Wechiii:

Precisely because of these color artifacts, I would not buy the camera. Moreover, this "would-Lens-ring" I'll find so embarrassing! But yes onden Canon synonymous;)


Antwort von Jan:

JVC is definitely very close to the Sonyand Panasonic Models.

But with its wide angle, the LCD and color settings that it has in total only just earned the bronze medal, when they repeatedly get hold synonymous has the strongest Picture (HM 400-2009).

It should be a HM but with an SD compare 707, not with almost half as expensive 66th SD

Na's see how the market develops, especially now after the re-formation at JVC (new Manager & Concept).

In the end it is down again 3 or 4, Canon could they possibly with the HM a beat, Panasonic SD 707 / TM 700 / HS 700 and the Sony CX 550 & XR have the first two pitches (sales) is now almost assured.



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