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Test: Sony Vegas Pro 9

Review: Sony Vegas Pro 9

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Juni 2009

Test: Test: Sony Vegas Pro 9 of rudi - 17 Jun 2009 12:32:00
> With Vegas 9 has seized Sonyscheinbar not exactly revolutionary news in the update. But the very small changes have to be this time, and make the program more round than ever. We were pleasantly surprised in any case ...

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Antwort von ruessel:

The once, at least experimentally the existence of support of Blackmagic Design cards are available at the new version any more.

By manually install drivers in BMD can run Vegas 9 Pro still synonymous with the intensity ....


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Antwort von Herbert Eisner:

As a former Liquid-user I was forced to make a software change, since Liquid is no longer developed.

Among other things, I flirted synonymous with Sony Vegas. But: Unfortunately, Boris Red is not properly integrated, and such a work with this powerful plug-in in Vegas is almost impossible. Since I do not want to give up Red, Vegas is not therefore appropriate for me and so I opted for Edius.

Antwort von WoWu:

As Sony itself, however, does not offer affordable Professional 4K cameras, support seems to be less "sensitive," seen as Panasonic's professional formats. Because with DVCPRO (; HD) and AVC-Intra, Vegas still does not understand.

DVCPro for this may be true for AVC-I, but that has probably less to do with Panasonic, a lot more with the fact that the more sophisticated tools have not been implemented, for AVC-I, the FRExt requires tools, plus the 10-bit capability .
The program so far serves no commercial requirements but rather the amateur level, because I-frames, there is not only Panasonic and High-Level and FRExt are not synonymous Panasonic specific invention or development but to meet the standard.
To that extent would do little with Panasonic to have ....

Antwort von Marco:

Who currently uses except for Panasonic AVC-I (as a recording format;) just asking out of curiosity?

AVC-I will be in Vegas in the near future pro on the Raylight plugin without format conversion available in Vegas Pro 9.


Antwort von WoWu:

This is good news .... would have been nice if they had found in the product description into account.

On the question ... in the meeting were led to believe that it was in AVC-I is a proprietary format and not the part of the MPEG standard ... is far less significant, who now uses the default already.
Moreover, it is anyway less about the codec, but rather a question of your own that Vegas while the MXF format support, but do not use op-atom, which, except as synonymous Panasonic Avid, Grass Valley, Leitch and so on.
It is not synonymous went to the Pro version.
But, as I said before, good news, if it can in the future.
One can only hope that in the Raylight Vegas works better than in Final Cut Pro.
Still Sonyja with DvFilm work together to adapt not own Sony MXF format to ... perhaps even works better ...
Counter-question: Is Vegas Pro9 consistently 10 bit capable? (; Incl. All the effects and edits? Also the only way out of curiosity ...)
And one more question .... is then synonymous again Fremdcodec also required?

Antwort von Marco:

Vegas Pro uses the 32-bit Floating Point Processing. 10-bit signal processing is therefore a subset of them. The 32-bit floating-processing is a switchable option to the usual 8-bit-processing.

Vegas-internal filter are graphically indicated, all according to their 8-Bit/32-Bit-Charakters. 4 of the 54 filtering units are 8-bit-processing is limited, the remaining 50 are 32-bit capable. On third-party products, of course, SCS has no control. All other treatment processes are also 32-bit capable. In general, except for (only the internal media generators), which generate, for example, areas of color or test pictures.

As a typical 10-bit codec in Vegas Pro, the in-house "Sony YUV" integrated (; eg for 10-bit SDI capture and playout-by AJA Xena). The input signals may, for example RED ONE (and the RAW files synonymous) natively processed in 12 bit will be (, 2K and 4K). DPX are integrated and can also lobby and the output to 32-bit (; used per pixel (); theoretically unlimited resolution input, output a maximum resolution of 4.096x4.096).



Antwort von WoWu:

Thank you for the detailed technical data, but a simple "would have no" answer the question synonymous.
Perhaps this explains so that AVC-I to Vegas makes little sense if one has s.der preserving the original quality through the workflow interest.
How does that look with the Fremdcodec?
With prices of approx. Plag-200 ® for the addition of In and around. 500 ® is a sound codec ... And the case of reduced performance, would result from the requirement of a Fremdcodecs indeed wonder about the meaning.

Antwort von Marco:

My answers are based solely on the 10-bit issue. The "No" is limited to the last question, the correct answer. The penultimate question was not with a simple "Yes" or "are answered No", since both for interested snoopers would be a lack of information. There has (at least the relationship will be highlighted, in this sense, the answer was basically still much too close).

How meaningful are additional investments to upgrade a program, should they deem necessary, everyone must decide for themselves. The overall quality of a machining system arises not made of the codec issue, but the sum of all the properties that are for the various types of production and production environments of utility. The diversity of offerings is to consumers.
Apart Of Raylight will be generally required for editing of AVC-I, no additional investment.

Of course, it would be better for AVC-I users when AVC-I would have been an integral part of software. You can not have it all. None in software.


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