Infoseite // Roof Location in Frankfurt / Main for Charity Project sought

Frage von Wingis:

Hello out there,

We are looking for a promotional video of a charity tour of a young German s.Main tape a roof location in Frankfurt. Possible, with views of the bank towers. We do not need insane tow lot of space, yet we still tons of high voltage equipment on the roof. A shock-proof and can accommodate a small percussion, singer and guitarist - it still would be a light crane and more nowendig not at all, to make us happy. because someone has an idea? Perhaps too have been rotated there? Or an aunt in Frankfurt with roof terrace? Planned Dreheit is highest 3 h

A real budget is unfortunately not available - because it is a charity project is to benefit children with cancer. A small expense allowance for electricity and Co. is in there.

Valuable information in this thread please or via PN. Thank you!


Antwort von tommyb:

No PN in this forum there is.


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