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Frage von marianabrandt:


I am interested in whether there is a possibility a room with 3-4 cameras to equip them to cable and then all of three to four sources simultaneously in the material incorporated digital quality?

If yes, there are simple cameras, the PC connects you s.den or should the used DV cameras with firewire port be?

What conditions would have to have the PC, and a certain card is needed?

Danke schon mal

Yours sincerely,

Mariana Brandt


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Mariana,

obviously you can cable and digital video cameras all of these pictures. A modern truck makes it sometimes synonymous.

Since you do "DV Camera"'ve written, I suppose, the budget does not move at the purchase cost of an OB-wagon? ;-) In this case you could synonymous DV camcorder and (one? / Two?) PCs take.

If the distance is short enough, could the data via firewire to the calculator and get to be there. Just recently, I tested whether a PC is the data of two DV camcorders can process simultaneously. This performance is perhaps even expand.

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