Infoseite // Rotation with JVC GY-HD251E - What format?

Frage von DerRingkeeper:

I have so far only movies in SD and rotated end May begin with the turning of a short film in HD. As a JVC Camera HY-HD251E is used. I get the camera until s.26.5, so I can not test the whole time now and ask you for experience.

Point is, the camera controls 720/24p yes, I am of the opinion then you should turn so synonymous, or am I wrong?.
The film will end up as a h264 MKV, so really there is nothing against the 24p it?

However, the film is synonymous shown on TV, but there in SD.
Had I thought for a Palspeedup then be provided at 25p. Is this enough that the film will come off there so far?.


Antwort von Jott:

Then why 24p?


Antwort von DerRingkeeper:

Well yes Weil is in film. All the films have it appear on Bluray so synonymous 24p.
Sorry, I am well versed in this area not so, but I would not like to be a smooth Soaplook;)


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