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Firewireschnittstelle an FX1 funktioniert nicht !

S.FX1 firewire port does not work!

Frage von grauerpanther:
März 2010

Hello (;'m new here)

I own a SonyHDR-FX1, which I basically in miniDV format
have operated. The Firewire port has s.Anfang work, then times sporadically, then more not at all. To cover my films I use the calculator to a 2nd small DV camcorder. But I want to start growing in HDV, but can not output via Firewire because the small HDV camcorder synonymous not able to read tapes. I once selected in the Camera Rose FX1 the point i.Link conv. A / bzw. Out. This reporting change is not permitted to resolve -> iLink cable. The message is synonymous with not plugged in cables. The setting is soon to change ON -> OFF and vice versa. The cam is perhaps the best opinion, "it is plugged a cable, probably indicates a" shot "interface!? Does anyone know this problem, camera serviced?
2.te Question If it works, you can record in HD and convert to the capturing and the results are recorded as well as directly with miniDV. I'm in the company synonymous technology videos, but I want a pool in HD to create images for later editing in HD, but now in miniDV.

I know a lot of text, but can someone help me.

PS: WIN XP SP3. The same cable with the same interface works with
other camcorder. My FX1 does not work s.anderen computers. The computer interfaces but all are OK, others Cam works s.allen computers (; 4 pieces tested)

Antwort von PeterM:

Although the interface f.wire eigendlich hotphugfähig should be, it is definitely not.
We were synonymous in Industire / PR sector on the time, some i-link cams (Unibrain's "shot to pieces.
The firewire port of Sonyist known for its sensitivity.
Really bad was that at the time HC 1, but synonymous, the FX1 / Z1 is not safe. As reported and s.wird sowas synonymous of Panas.
Sure you can try again the Kamerea on Werkseinstllungen sat back to "reset" but there is some evidence that the Cam is gone.
Unfortunately, the costs of Sonyeinige 100.
Here in China around the solder on the SMD board.
A colleague has had his Z1 patch up here for 50 euros.
We do it now so we really in Industie F-wire systems, the only area still connect with the computer is off.
Videocam's only when I connect with at least turned off Cam.
On dry days is because it wos Schün twitches (electrostatics synonymous) only if both out.
Regarding So DOWNCONVERT HDV to DV when Sonycams, sometimes try google or here to search. On the topic of soch as much has been said.
Both has advantages and disadvantages.
I personally have always preferred the variant record in HDV, and sometimes with DOWNCONVERT captured, wenns speed-s.nem old notebook had to be geschniiten. But that is synonymous aud all the time of Singelcore notebooks.
The only real advantage when you really only need DV's just that one in case of an error in DV tape often loses only one frame in HDV, but right around the 10 to 15

Antwort von nicecam:

Here's another interesting thread on the issue (if not known): If Firewire (not working properly).
I have the Canon XH-A1 and HV-20. Firewire Cam was the little synonymous times already broken.

You should include all cases in HD. You can runterkonvertieren when capturing, I have been synonymous in the beginning, not now. It is generally recommended that if there was the hardware and software permits, consistently working with HD material and at the very end, when z. To be as a DVD, let runterrechnen.

At the moment, you carry yourself with the thought of capturing on your FX1, if they for again plays a part.
I advise you to capture camera (capture bitch is indeed something called synonymous)
In addition there is just a broken up on the tape drive HDV Camera. Then you should possibly look around for a SonyHDR-HC1/3/5/7/9 getting so long too.
Alternatively Canon HV20/30/40.

I capture only about my HV-20. The risk as Firewire is too big for me at the XH A1.

To connect only to devices switched off already said yes PeterM.
Unfortunately, the camcorder manufacturers in the manuals usually say to the contrary.

In case of repair they send you then have the following times (in such wars) with me:

Firewire reingesteckt False?

His way, Canon is much more sensitive than Sony, and the user ruessel here in the Forum believes that Sonyin could remove such favorable circumstances: XH-A1 is no longer recognizes firewire.

Antwort von grauerpanther:

Thanks for the quick replies. The cable was wrong about, I plugged in with that most likely, already common in switched-on devices. Usually synonymous comes BIM BAM Connect the Sound
Plug in, sometimes, the same Cam logged out again. "Bobble times
s.Kabel "has sometimes helped synonymous pushing in one direction have always suspected a mechanical contact failure is perhaps still so, or she is now electricity failed, because nothing more happens. For the processing chain. I have to stop myself a powerful hardware and post-process software to grow, otherwise the HDV Cam is a mis -
investment have been. Had been pretty expensive, but is now. Today I created my views and an HD test video with a full HD display looked (why I actually do instead of HDV or DV?)

Jürgen L.

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