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Frage von Der Nick:

Hello my dears,
I'm just here to create an SD PAL DVD.
I use to Final Cut Studio 1, but this is probably not care.

Now I have already coded all the material in an eternally long calculation process in MPG2. However, in Progressive.

Manual is now available in my DVD Studio Pro manual, however, that SD PAL DVDs are basically always in 25i.

In Heise, but I have read that there since 2002 synonymous SD PAL DVD player with Progressive.

So now my question: can lead to problems with DVD players, if I leave everything progressive encoded in MPG2? Or I would recommend it to export everything to interlaced?

I would be glad ehr your help!
Thank you very much!



Antwort von tommyb:

There are some DVD players make it possible specifically to the progressive output. Otherwise, the images from the DVD player will be processed and sent s.den interlaced TV.

It has at most a reduction in image quality as a result - but this would be synonymous been the case if the material would be interlaced encoded on the DVD.

Some commercial DVDs are / were interlaced coded. Newer normally be coded progressive.

So you can still use progressive material - this should be no problems.


Antwort von Der Nick:

Ah Booyah!
Thanks for the quick help!


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