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Frage von markus g:

Hello Allerseids,

times I would have a general question regarding SD cards and AVCHD. Have now been a few times in different forums (synonymous here) seen / read that Canon HF 100 owners suddenly problems with the memory card had. Card suddenly wanted to be formatted, or the playback mode card suddenly empty. Mainly in nearly full memory card. Canon still has problems, or is the memory s.den for such failures. If you memory card out and back instead of just delete, format? How long should you ever use memory cards that they still allow safe use possible?

Greetings and a nice sunny weekend.


Antwort von deti:

Problems? We have had no problems with 12 cameras of the type series HF100/HG20. Where, in other words, what people are doing with their hardware to reflect such errors to provoke. Of course, a regular backup an effective tool against data loss - the belief s.eine great camera or memory card alone does not help. The current memory cards are not dead to get - at least not through frequent Describe or even reading. The show, for example the tests of synonymous C't magazine.



Antwort von tommyb:

The problem is s.den approve the components are installed.

A USB stick with 16GB for 20 euro? I found synonymous geil nem before half a year. Three months kept, then he has at a stroke when writing operation constitutes a read already been spent and all the data points only cryptic characters.

If SD card is not synonymous different. If one saves s.falschen end, it was infinitely regretted.


Antwort von Modellbahner:

Problems will always be on when the card is not in the camera to be initialized, synonymous before first use. The structure on the card is very important. If the data with the PC are deleted, then always in the camera initialise.
Manual Page 33rd


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