Infoseite // SLR camera with LiveView as a suitable video source?

Frage von 450d_s3is:

If ever anyone of you come up with the idea, the video signal from the video-out of a DSLR with LiveView on capture?
Especially because of the many manual functions could be a handsome yet so PAL video produce.

Has someone experiences so?

Had the idea, the video of my EOS 450d with a 500 ARCHOS DVR incorporated.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

is not synonymous and makes no sense.

Times hit the search in the forum here and you will find a few things.

The LifeView is not equal to 25 FPS in full resolution.

As I said the idea had already synonymous others ;-)

B. DeKid


Antwort von Jan:


with the LiveView DSLR's in my opinion anyway is completely overrated. For me there is only one halfway viable Camera - Sonya the 350 (and its sister, the A 300).

I did two weeks ago with a Nikon D 300 at the concert photographed synonymous wanted to try the live image, but it did the same speed down - difficult usable. This mirror high and clatter down nervt - the LCD is synonymous not sharp enough. Nikon At the 300 is now the cheapest Liveviewcam times - at least until the new 90's finally coming.

Ok, Canon 450 & 1000 there are two modes, ie the folding mirror variant (but not necessarily good for the camera is on a permanent basis) - this has yet to be selected, the measuring field (if it is not located in the middle) - annoying. Quite Canon is proud to another mode - the mode where the CMOS - ie the main sensor takes over. This guarantees an always unpredictable live image. Only needs the AF mode, in spite of the USM motor forever until it is sharp. Canon uses there is not synonymous its 9 cross sensors (7 in EOS 1000) but a different distance determination - Contrast measurement.

If only the A 300 & 350 Live Mode interesting, there will still live image quickly and focus on all 9 AF measurement and the LCD is folded.

Reason is - the distance at Sony will have the same phase as compared to a sensor recording measured viewfinder.

Only Sony verschenken Friends Live at the picture about 9-10%, because the sensor is not the same is true as the main sensor. Sonyverbaut in the A 200, 300 and 350, unfortunately, synonymous very dark and small viewfinders.

If I am but as umhöre, feel many semi professional photographers & the live mode rather than a gadget.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Jan" wrote: ..... If I am but as umhöre, feel many semi professional photographers & the live mode rather than a gadget. .....

Jup it is synonymous. Taste only unnecessary electricity or may be in the "Macro" shots to use. Since, however, is a 2.5 x angle viewfinder the better choice.
LifeView nothing is really what you s.einer Camera (D SLR) needs.

B. DeKid

See Picture angle viewfinder from video so easily blurred


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