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Frage von nikospringstein:

or something else entirely?

I would like an urgent middle-class buy cam, max. ¬ 800-900, with the concert recordings are main application area, is more a cam in the low-demand area with light is good to very good micro!

he that can recommend what cam?

Ah yes, battery should be synonymous loosely hold at least 2.5 h, not because more outlet is within reach!

many thanks


Antwort von markus-s:

Concert recordings with an internal Micro? You should reconsider your priorities if you like the music in the videos is more important than the noise from the auditorium or a random mix of voices / instruments depending on the location of the action.



Antwort von ThomasKluge:

I can only like the Sony HDR-variant XR 500, (I think essentially identical to) speak. Optics / Low Light are excellent for the price range, the internal sound bad, unfortunately. (To my mind, a noise generator) I have tried to improve this with the SonyECM-HST1 (stereo microphone for camcorder with Active Interface Accessory shoe), but only marginal progress. Possibly synonymous simply the internal electronics is a problem, so be careful.


Antwort von Jan:

That is probably unique.

TM 700 - for pure 3.5 mm microphone input, headphone jack, correct manual level control, etc, etc. In low light, the 305 / 350 is not synonymous better. And to use their AIS microphone input to a standard 3.5 mm jack, it costs money again synonymous.

Then, missing the 305 / 350 or the Shutterwahl what is in concert recordings like set to a 1 / 50.



Antwort von nikospringstein:

first many thanks for the suggestions, such as `s looks in this regard with the SONY HDR 550 out? Is the same design with the 350 or ......?

Basically wanted to give the TM 700 PANASONIC already the advantage, however, said the sound was terribly miserable! There is something?

I realize that external microphones are of course subject to lengths, sometimes it's simply just only with the built ...., but would not only have the fan on the soundtrack! If is is then always with the sound off mix of mixer that brings but it is synonymous not always an improvement, because only the monitors or just a wild mix on it often, and a live DVD including synonymous by example, "sing" of the public lives, that's the sound board does not usually listen to.


Antwort von markus-s:

What sort of concert footage are we talking about? Classical piano recital goes well off without the "sing along" the audience at a Rock-/Pop-Veranstaltung, sing along in the audience, you have no problem with the fan on the TM700, but with the possibly of controlling sound.

In principle, the TM700 is certainly fairly useful, but has no XLR connector (micro external mixer or directly) and come with the 3.5 mm jack - especially for stages (Light) Show and bulky equipment - fast disturbances on long journeys pure. The TM700 is not parallel to two audio tracks (eg, plus internal mixer / ext. Mic) add. Therefore, it is always good, the sound (if possible) addition of external mixer to remove and then synchronize. Or containing a cam that can take a few thousand ¬ more.

The sound of the TM700: He's not bad, but the surround mode ... getting used to. But you can switch to stereo - and there are quite a useful manual audio control. For every fan says something else - I hear the only absolutely quiet passages ... and then I can turn down synonymous in the post the level. If it is not just classical music you'll hear it, especially as I would guess again pressing the sound (possibly in addition) directly tap off and to use the cam just for the atmosphere.

For Sony Can I say anything personal.


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