Infoseite // SONY HDR-HC9: How to enable external audio source?

Frage von Raggi:

how do I turn on the Sony HDR-HC9, the external audio source (line comes in 3.5 mm jack from the mixer)? I see the video streaming this audio channel is not in the choice and therefore get only the sound from the internal Micro.

According to instructions it should be set to "sound balance", which I find not in the Menu-> DV

many Grü0e


Antwort von Bernd E.:

I know the HC9 not in detail, but three things come to mind here yet:
1. This camera has to my knowledge no switched to line input, but only the usual MIC input. The much stronger signal from the mixer so you'll hardly get just as easily in the camera.
2. If an external source is connected, turn off the camera's internal Micro. In this respect, you need not additionally switch somewhere between the two signals, since in any case, only one arrives.
3. The menu item "AUDIO MIX is active only when playing, and synonymous only as a special case, which will hardly occur in practice. With this feature your problem has nothing to do.


Antwort von Raggi:

true. It really could be because the sound is out of the mixer too strong for the MIC (PLUG IN POWER)

Then I had to exchange the camera quickly because I wanted to take the micro-jack to keep audio and video synchronously. Would I be separately run audio in PC (s.Camera over) and can import the live video streaming portal, Sound and video were slightly delayed


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