Infoseite // SONY HXR-MC50E: Audio roars

Frage von TSchumm:

I received a few days ago a SONY HXR-MC50E.
I noticed immediately that when turning the camera (to be clearly heard through the headphone output) occurs a noise. This is the sound of the video camera generates and is not otherwise hear about (the camera itself is no sound of course). The noise is synonymous recorded on the clips. When the level somewhat higher spins, it is believed to stand in front of a waterfall.
I got my dealer of a second, new and identical camera and sent them has the same problem (!).
Call to the Sony Premium Support has shown that when they hear the camera noise and also have now become suspicious.

Now the question arises: Does me here I have something that passes for video cameras usually acceptable (which I can not imagine it) or is delivered faulty SONY Cameras?
Does anyone have similar experience with this camera made?
Otherwise, I'm thrilled of the HXR-MC50E. This noise is the camera for me but useless.
Greeting Thomas


Antwort von carstenkurz:

Is this your first camera? What's with the noise if you babbles for a while in a normal voice into the Micro? This time with a recording test.

- Carsten


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