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SONY HDT-TG3 auch für Kurzfilme geeignet?

SONY TG3 synonymous HDT-suited for short films?

Frage von Heiner Kunk:
Dezember 2008

I think for me this camera for a small Kuzfilmprojekt zuzulegen, and as a second camera. I wonder if the highest resolution really makes sense when one is on and not 3 or 4 32GB cards are made, or whether the second-highest synonymous enough. I mean, compared with a MiniDV recording for example TRV900e: Come out the s.Qualität? With the camera, as I often took the forums, it is unlikely to turn by hand, and must therefore always be a quasi-tripod s.Start be acceptable for recording.

So there is not enough connection options, no Image Stabilization (lt test synonymous here) - why then this cam so highly praised everywhere (except here ;-))?

I need a really compact camera Überalldabei second with vernünstiger quality. Still difficult to find, as it seems ... Models such as the Panasonic SDR-S7 are more likely to neglect this, right?

Thanks for info and suggestions

Antwort von Jan:

Why is the camera everywhere praised?

I can gladly tell you, the same reason why when the cameras Casio is so popular (eg S 770, 800, 10 etc in the photo specialty forums & more hated) - by Optics.

A multitude s.Kunden look at the first purchase on the optics (in real life is often synonymous) - when the camera optical like - she almost won. Many customers have no comparable opportunity synonymous - they know only one model.

The TG 3 is certainly not a bad camera, from Picture ago but it is hardly with CX 11, HD 30, HF 100 and HF 11 to keep pace.

The TG 3 is perfect for "Selecting," Portrait of lovers, and for users who often filmed in good light.

For film director (there is only one size of Batteries (small FP 50) and people often synonymous indoor shooting and no need to rush orgy (Yes where is the little camera in the small opening with lots of light come in?) Is less empfehlenswert Camera .

A stabilizer, the camera - not only optical, because for a moving lens group was not a place to showcase amateur feature NightShot "it has not synonymous (ne real rarity for a Sony camera), because for a foldable IR filter was no room. Is halt ne little Optics - but chic!

So short, in daylight, you'll look through the HD resolution already satisfied, for indoor shots wins the old TRV 900 extremely loose each test.

The TRV 900 is more synonymous with the SonyFX compare of 1000, is very upscale "amateur tool, TG 3, however, a 500 ¬ Camera Immermit.

The good part of the test reports TG 3 were almost all on Design & nice format.


Antwort von heimax:

Hi Jan
I'm sorry if I must contradict you. The small SonyTG 3 is a second camera really recommendable. Question is always what is known as Comparison hergenommen. I have an SR 11 with wide angle attachment with which I usually filme.
As a second just says TG 3 and sometimes when I edit the pictures, I am really not sure which of the two with the recordings I had made. And this despite the fact that the SR 11 Safety being one of the best in 1000, - Euro area.
Even if not very good Lichtverhälnissen stands amazingly well on it. The waste of the SR 11 is only marginally.
Through its design makes it ideal with both hands to hold and shake adhere, synonymous thank the good optical stabilizer in borders. Not for a tripod thread is available.
The only drawback, if you type in this camera than any shortcoming may call the missing connection options for Micro and Headphones, or maybe the lack of threads for a wide-angle attachment. However, the quality of it all SD models are in the shade.
Addendum: I'm always in the second movie mode with the highest resolution AVCHD 1440: 1080th
Greetings from the mountains mags

Antwort von Jan:

I'm saying, here are a few reports of well-known test online video magazines and journals.


Bei Camcorderinfo.com gibt es keinen SR 11 Test, sie ist aber eh eine SR 12 with kleinerer 60 GB hard drive - sonst ist alles baugleich, die TG 1 ist die amerikanische TG 3 für Europa.


Especially the test of VAD (test chart pictures) it is clear that TG 3 tries with aggressive image processing erschwindeln bright images, the sharpness is at 150 Lux Daylight Picture significantly worse picture errors accumulate. But a little of 1 / 5 "image converter can be difficult to expect more ...

I can communicate with me in the store synonymous only 1x remember ever have a "11 SR worse image quality back to (the customer wanted the same quality as Lowlight his old SonyVX 2000 - this is unfortunately not), the TG 3 served me several times back.

If you are a little intersiver with the film material employed, and over the always shaky halt drauf bilder amateur level you should see that. That is now not a personal attack - sorry.

A lot s.Leute see it but not really, especially if it is the first camera acts.

I could argue synonymous an Audi S 3 is as sparkling as a new 911er that is synonymous not totally wrong, since both have a good passage. The car will Screwdrivers & expert about my statement but smile and my statement is accurate in individual tests
quite easily disprove.

Clearly, the TG 3 to recommend that is not without good reason and was sold for a time not available Sonyin of Cologne. You can not keep up with the best, but it is not synonymous made.

I film only on synonymous Semi Level, Krümelkackertyp am not in a proper professional test (like the extremely meticulous exact test level of trunk-FXsupport) is the difference between the two cameras even more modest.


Antwort von Jan:

And last but not least, the TG 3 has no optical stabilizer, which can be synonymous in the instructions read. It is to her an electronic, that is a type stabilizer, and the picture Resolutionkostet error jerky and usually works as a purely optical, with the moving of a lens group works.

And the EISA Award - with the Sony advertises Always (leading trade magazines in Europe) for the TG 3 is easy to answer for him, there were design and construction, not superior Bildqualiät.


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The Sony is blurring the picture very much in low light (available s.der Sony AVCHD variant) and the AF is synonymous for Katz, since he has already drastically slow pans proceed.

I tested the s.einer SR12 and the direket Comparison made with my HF100.
The Memory Stick is also a good four times as expensive as SDHC cards!

Canon is the Sonybei homemade AVCHD camcorder highly superior!
In moving the s.besten to judge, because test static pictures show this behavior in any way!

Since the early 90s of last century, I have always only on Sony Law, but what Sony AVCHD But currently delivers to me is the height of intolerability!
If Sony, then ask an HDV AVCHD but no crap!

The HF100 has me since I have it (2.5 weeks), always to me very good pictures "enchanted" because they do not show weakness, with which Sony's competitors up all time, the images clear and sharp and low noise are important functions through a simple menu, quickly achieved (White Balance, Aperture, Shutter).

Antwort von Jan:

I think the Canon is synonymous in the moment better.

The SR 11 is not bad - as I think I try to be as neutral (which is not always easy).

While I was at that time of the HF 100 I viewed live image s.einem Sony (macabre) 100 Hz LCD impressed, I had Sony cameras of not so well seen.


Antwort von heimax:

I agree to you, but the theory is the one, and the practice is the other part.
I speak of the practice and the result on a 42 inch plasma TV.
The difference between SR11 and TG3, both after processing with Magix Video Pro X is minimal and only visible in a direct comparison. Lowligth Picture is logically a rush, but this is for all cameras in this price segment. The predecessor of TG3 was a Pana SDR SW 20th I have given away, because the quality was really at the level of the old mini DVD cameras.
As in the tests is what does my opinion of the daily practice (shooting the dog training) made.
Gruss mags

Antwort von Jan:

Although one must admit that the SW 20 is very well protected, but is rather satisfactory, if not enough pictures, but the new models of Panasonic in February 2009, with better security.

Well there will always be different views, I agree with proboscis statement "The video function of the Nikon D 90 is located on Webcam level" not synonymous, and I then did the anger of 4 users apply ....


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