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Frage von gatogato:

Hello Forum,

Did you just want to watch with my VX1000E a cassette. First, the player panel shone still on, buttons but could not be pressed. Then it was gone the next time the synonymous Lighting. On the back of the display flashes the time code.
I can see the tape in the viewfinder, when I playback function with the remote control navigate.
Recording works synonymous continue.

The lithium battery must be replaced - but it can not lie so well?

What is an error and how can I fix it? Repair work is an expensive?
Thanks for any help!


Antwort von tommyb:

You should be clobbered your VX1000 on Ebay and get a better PD150/170 for it.

The camera is broken - repairs may be expensive. Economic total loss.


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