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SSE Chipsatz für Adobe 2.0 / Adobe aftereffects

SSE chipset 2.0 for Adobe / Adobe After Effects

Frage von lospottos:
Oktober 2006


try as a private user or after effects adobe premiere 2.0
to install. unfortunately, will always look for a chipset sse
before the installation asks I have not.

amd pentium IV 2.6 GHz
2 GB Ram

but would actually be a help or a new motherboard?

Many thanks for your comments!

Antwort von Dongball:

SSE is not a chip but an instruction set extension that is designed in the CPU is.

For the mentioned Adobe programs, you need SSE3, which is at only in the Pentium 4 Prescott model.

I go just assume that you have an older P4.
In case you have disesm unfortunately unlucky and have the latest version of Premiere or AE zurueckgreifen.

A new motherboard does not help you because, when a new CPU.
But it pays off even more unlikely, then prefer to bite the sour apple and the system ernneuern than in the old money still reinzustecken.

Antwort von lospottos:

So although new motherboard?
what should I buy the look out for?

Antwort von Dongball:

see above (the text was expanded:))

Antwort von lospottos:

many thanks for the tip,
I thought there already something!

you have a tip for cpu / motherboard or
there are certain names shortcuts, etc. I should note when buying?

Antwort von Dongball:

Now tips I can give you as many.
But what is the budget for her ....?

Vorallem looks like with your Hardwarekentnissen regarding conversion / Aufruestungaus?
Will you make yourself or have you rather be a new, comprehensive system to buy.

Antwort von lospottos:

Well, build my own computer has always together or
synonymous have someone who knows so.

So replace or install motherboard is not a problem.
surely I must then look at how components such as my graphics card, etc. still fit, right?

I think 400-500 ¬ so I can already invest
although there is certainly synonymous already complete package
(including housing, etc) there. right?

how can a software for a specific cpu feature request
but otherwise does almost everything!

There are more than synonymous Winbugs a way that again just to check? determines Settings / Control Panel / Hardware

thx & greetz tom

Antwort von estragon:

am in the same situation. And despite many searches have
found no other way than a certain investment, -)

It comes with me to the Athlon 64 FX 60 for use
It has the dual core (premiere / AE loves Dual Core ...)
And the instruction sets SSE2 and SSE3, so that is just for a
few years rest.
They then a ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard and 4GB Corsair RAM

Total investment: around 950 ¬

The graphics card is just irrelevant, unless you want
HD production. Then you need not synonymous nor appropriate
Card AND an HD monitor ... ;-)


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

... AND an HD monitor ...

One such, you need definitely not ...

Antwort von Dongball:


Well since you already get for significantly less money A reasonable system.

Take a recent example of Intel Core2Duo & board, then possibly just DDR2 RAM and a PCI-E graphics card (see above comes to the motherboard is required)
When looking around and not just the thickest & leistungsstaerskten components you want to come with 500Euro for all cases around.

If you look for a board which is your old DDR & AGP Grafiikarte takes, then even cheaper. (around 250Euro)

Just look at the big online merchants or seller thy trust look & ask.
The Prices will change as ruck-zuck ... is ja nix neues

Antwort von Dj Dino:

With your money should be a transition possible, there should be dual core but sein.Problem are the additional costs for new RAM.Dein P4 system is probably still with DDR RAM work for a more current system with Intel CoreDuo zb Athlon64 or a system to Socket AM2-based but it needs DDR2.
The solution is s.das you on the older platform Sockel939 change are still running with DDR400, then you can have the full 2GB Ram CPU weiternutzen.Ein middle model with 2x1MB L2 cache is a good price / performance choice (with Boxedkühler):
These matches, cheap but good Mainboard:
There is a lot cheaper Sockel939 Boards but known to have many (especially cheap) nForce4 motherboards, the problem of a noisy chipset fan of quick dirty and also sometimes even then the mind gives up, the other is a board with nForce4 chipset still a good choice because this is now very mature, reliable ... with passive chipset cooling fan then rather than total secure a meaningful, higher Investition.Deswegen I have not posted a cheaper board. The Board has posted the cheapest brand motherboard with passive (silent) Chipset cooling.
If you look at the investment zusammenrechnest is even a stronger Athlon64 4800 + X2 from:
The FX60 is certainly nonsense, preisleistungsmässig behind each Intel Core2Duo which is much much cheaper.

See even the CPU on video what makes matters:

A Core2Duo would be the best, then, even the small models are here überlegen.Vorallem with a mainboard with 975er chipset as these synonymous for Intel's upcoming blad Quadro scores are ready. (actually synonymous with those 965er chipset, however, is regarding power supply may not fit every board - hence better finger away yet) More security for the future so as a angegraute Sockel939-Platform.Da but you must also wiegesagt buy DDR2 Ram.

Anything else you should consider this: The PC power supply is perhaps no longer suitable for a Core2Duo platform, see:

In total (the new board, CPU, RAM, PSU) are the switching costs in this case so high that a complete Core2Duo system may come cheaper.

For a Sockel939 mainboard but sure enough your P4 power supply, an additional 4 pin 12V with-Male:
(what thy should have already).
The 20Pin Male older power supplies are usually easy to 24pin connectors recent Mainbaords put (it mechanically only to a kind of you quickly find out) - see Picture:
also there are 20Pin to 24pin Adapter to par-euro if you are sure to point want: http://www.pearl.de/p/PE1448-ATX-Adapterkabel-20pin-24pin.html

Of course, it can then have other problems geben.So it may be just for very rich amount of memory to pass the dual channel mode (2xDDR400 modules) is not stable, Athlon64 platforms are given grade at 2 GIG somewhat fragile, especially when cheap or NoName modules. Mostly it is here but in the BIOS to reduce Speichertimimgs (CAS Latenzy increase by 0.5)

If there are problems in this article shows me where synonymous of memory problems with solutions will be discussed:

See Page 4

I was (before my camcorder hobby) for many years with a lot of PCs employed, many were built, tuned, Books, etc. Therefore devoured my knowledge ;-)

If I were you I would (if it is synonymous harder and more expensive) on a Core2Duo platform change, then you have a really powerful CPU and rendering you are already synonymous for Quadro core fit. It would be (given the Umsrüstproblematik and possible sources of error), there are perhaps synonymous unwise not to your current PC to verhöckern at Ebay, the profit on your current savings and draufzulegen to this Gesammtbetrag then a Core2Duo complete system kaufen.Mit 975er chipset s.Board (Core Quadro fit). A BIOS update should be enough.

Example: http://www.geizhals.at/deutschland/a212529.html
For complete cheap

Antwort von Dongball:

which is nothing to add:)

Antwort von Dj Dino:

(A new PCI-E graphics card must be synonymous with the convert her, quite forgotten)

Antwort von Dj Dino:

Here are my recommendation for the best possible conversion to a Core2Duo system with Quadro upcoming Core Support: http://members.chello.at/djdino/temp/guenstiges_core2Duo_system_core2quadrofaehig.jpg

This is a board with intel965er chipset gigabyte but it still shop there now Core2Quadro able to make by BIOS update. See "GA-965P-S3 s.F6 (F6 BIOS)":
This Gigabyteboard is passively cooled and of the quality is certainly not bad.

The CPU is clocked at s.geringsten the Core2Duos, but it can still AthlonFX60 with a record and in comparison to your current certainly a big leap.

The graphics card is not the best, but it must not be synonymous for video stuff, it has 256MB Ram, TV-Out, Dual Monitor Support, WMV / MPEG hardware acceleration and passive cooling.
Desirable would be perhaps a 2nd DVI output (instead of DVI + DSUB) if you are looking bisi there you will find the price in the region of the quiet Silent card maybe you noch.Arbeitest anyway with only one monitor is but eh no preference.

When would RAM DDR-2 533 range, but the DDR2-533-2GB Kit (2x1GB) is not really significant günsiger than DDR2-667-2GB-Kit, plus you have DDR2-667 with more overclocking flexibility and can display it in the lower DDR-533 mode of the BIOS with quick Ramtimings drive (CL4/Cas-Latency 4) - would be so synonymous in the BIOS (BIOS-Chipsatz/Advanced-> Memory section-> "SPD" off and manual switch on CAS4)
The brand is Kingston ValueRAM always a good Preisleistungswahl.MDT would be good but synonymous naja, price is not so relevant and it's Kingston Kingston.

If this is not enough power supply (PC does not boot, black screen, hangs during windows setup on), I recommend one of Compucase / HEC.Typ: "Windmill"
Are quiet (silent big fan), cheap, ATX 2.0 and good quality: http://www.geizhals.at/deutschland/?fs=windmill&in=&x=34&y=9

I have the haggard when your hard disks / drives, you might want to continue SATA to IDE adapter brauchst.Den the new board has not provided sufficient IDE Connections (only 2) - eg you get here: http://www.hardwareschotte.de/hardware/preise/proid_1251034/preis_Zubehr+S-ATA-IDE+Adapters or after Google.

Faith wars.Ein the complete system would be probably easier for you.

Antwort von flying.camera:

yes, it was not all there.
rechnersysthemen with what works for you?

and many thanks for the detailed explanation,

Antwort von Dj Dino:

For me an Athlon 3800 + X2 (Sockel939) on a
Asus A8N-SLI Premium (passive chipset cooling) with 1GB DDR400
and a Geforce 7600GS-Silent. For DV editing enough for me at the moment the full DVD noch.Ein needs so Effects-Einsatz/Komplexität depending on 4-6 hours of video encoding Zeit.Erträglich grade yet. Ruckler at video editing, there is hardly (except when I put MAGIX VDL 2006/2007 preview window to maximum quality, or have a lot of video tracks but only very rarely is)

Mir enough, wait until the Quadro s.was times because it will bring, of dual-core to dual core, I do not mach with.

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