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Sale 3D-enabled Television starts slow

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Oktober 2010

Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: Sale 3D-enabled Television starts slow

Antwort von rush:

Simply far too expensive and all that stuff too much 3D content ... No wonder the sales are slow ...

Antwort von Axel:

Legends of the Guardian, the promised children's film of Zack Snyder ("300", a self-imposed curse, he said, if more expensive Watchmen flop should be, he would children's film to make one as synonymous always the cute little mouse, we first set shown in , is packed of an owl and baby owls fed s.die ...), we have going on in digital 3D and 2D parallel analog. Inevitably arise out of register by the never 100% clean polarization leave the 3D copy - just muddy look just as similar looks to as if it had 4k, one imagines, of the feathers in flight seen to downy fiber each (analogous can be the actual approach, at least in the first reach 2k, at least if, as here, with even higher resolution, namely with 4k for IMAX and 70mm, GE filming was "while 99% of all films 2k processed in only. 2D digital 2k course, pretty much at least).

The technology of 2010 is not ready to carry the "revolution" that ushered in the industry. That's the short version.

... even for those who purchase a 3D-enabled television, the interest is high s.3D more moderate - at least not high enough to get a few extra glasses to buy for friends ...

No, but before you buy a 3D-Television, one can see into it at once through the glasses. Left and right of the center not 3D. 3D TV is what singles without friends. Growing target group, you must be happy.

Antwort von virusmedia:

Would would have expected ... basically, has the 3D technology in recent decades, little changed. The 3D experience is still s.eine goggles attached and as long as this is so, the whole thing will not prevail synonymous throughout the country. If I brought a taste for eating adapter, I'd no longer synonymous cook ... then, he added nutrients from Bags:)

viral videos I watch on http://www.virusmedia.de

Antwort von eXp:

HA-HA, so much for the 3D boom!

Even when I read that movies like Avatar in the first 1 - 2 years come out in 3D on BD ... just ridiculous. In 2 years, the film is all but out of the neck!, As well as he's not synonymous.

Well, if ever I would buy so nen 3D TV only if you need glasses anymore and None of the Effect of looks the same from any angle.

Antwort von Frank B.:

I finally had the day before yesterday at a dealer the opportunity to put on 3D glasses and a 3D movie to examine.
Result: I could not see any difference to 2D. My son does not synonymous. A friend of my son saw something moving but it is not obvious to jubilation storms.
In another thread I had already written a few days ago that I can clearly see by eye position error is not 3D.
It is assumed that at least 5% of the population can not. I guess even that figure could be higher.
Now it would be a real time marketing ploy, a blind man a color TV or someone like me to make a 3D television, together with other necessary equipment.

Antwort von mammut:

Nonsense, needs no man, niche product!

Antwort von pepono61:

Maybe you have not switched the glasses:)

Antwort von Replay:

3D for me is synonymous only interesting if it goes without glasses. In the glasses it was 60 years ago 3D, it has to even up the present day.



Antwort von Frank B.:

"Pepono61" wrote:
Maybe you have not switched the glasses:)

However, because the Doppelkontouren were gone. Also, I've pressed the button several times. Once Doppelkontouren away, clear picture and all the other television flickered in the room. For Doppelkontouren back, all other Fenseher not flickered. Then again - still nothing with 3D. To see a nice picture, I needed the glasses to take back and only see a 2D Television with Blu-ray playback;)

Antwort von djscorcher25:

So bad is 3d now synonymous again.
Not for nothing have the leading electronics manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung made strong for 3d. Its revenues on fluorinated with help from the hype of the 3ds since the collapse of the financial system in the year 2008. share prices prove it.
clear, so slowly 3d weakens again, because it is still not mature for the home as well. The movies are fueling this trend, the technology is there, far better than on TV. Benefits of 3D movies - it has for many years again MoM. television set top s.die ... this reality now recognize the synonymous consumer electronics companies ... I do not think samsung its 2 million. 3D TV sets by the end of 2010 to sell, as they hope it is.
3D in the home area currently has no future because the TV stations not play. Sky has not adjusted its synonymous 3D Channel now again? At least send the public would have 3D, but synonymous for the isses not financially viable or worthwhile - they simply have no interest s.3D synonymous, because they can be synonymous without 3d ensure their basic needs. and the few 3D movies encouraging market-pull is not synonymous out ....
because I would rather go to the cinema and pay my 11 or 12 ¬, enjoy 3D when I want and I must buy a new television for 1500EUR, especially since I've just bought a 2-TV (how many is it safe)

Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

rip out the porn industry ..


Antwort von joe11:

It is felt three to four feature films in 3D, it is worth to see. Moreover, can these few movies as well or better in 2D view.

Documentaries in 3D are already great, but specially to purchase a terminal? For the art of film you do not need that.

Or it does anyone know the struggle for a true 3D film shoot. So the media should fully enjoy and take into account a possible 2D Play assume no. So me no wrong: The movie should be so that you can only view it in 3D, ie in 2D quasi incomprehensible.

Addendum: A sound film is a "silent movie" played almost always incomprehensible. For color film, a black and white reproduction is synonymous not really possible because the color to draw the attention as a contrast agent and can be synonymous to control emotions. "Barry Lyndon" See S / W? That's impossible!

Antwort von the_flasher:

well, maybe synonymous is simply because the people currently no money for something like that to spare. We have bought just a year ago, a HD Television and as we look synonymous only broadcasts in SD quality. HD channels are so synonymous not in vain, at least not the better. The jump to 3D, we will probably take years, if ever dare.

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