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Frage von PhilippPhilippPhilipp:

How do I activate when recording from tape (HDV), the scene detection? Final Cut Express HD (non Pro) I only created a single clip!

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Bidone:

Hmm that would interest me synonymous, but in the opposite direction.
I'm working with FCE 4 and the Canon HV30. At my old SD camera with FCE, I got a single long file in which I had then cut.
With the HV30 can I get in HD, for each scene file. According to user manual of the FCE is synonymous normal way.
I would like to shut it, maybe someone can give us so give the ultimate tip.

VG Bidon


Antwort von haik77:

I would be interested as I synonymous with the hv 20 in Final Cut Express 4, the scene detection can be off ... nervt total ...


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