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times need help to Magix VdL 2008 Pros.

Want as an introduction to a film sequence an approach from space to record on an island record (Google Earth) and the whole program as in the above screen capture.
Now, when I in the VdL on the option "Record" and go there, "screen capture" choose the guided steps to carry out, pops press the recording button when the message "device not found".
This is what I understand it but the screen, or? But is not there yet, and does indeed synonymous. So once again the user with incorrect settings to blame? Since I have no more idea what option could be wrong, I am hoping for some advice in the forum.
Thanks and greetings, Stefan


Antwort von nicecam:

Hello robber

My VDL 2007 PLUS does not yet know the screen capture.
I draw on as needed with the Windows Media Encoder. Try it once with it.
There will be recorded in WMV format, but which you can import easily into VDL.
There is a better screen capture tools provide (eg SnagIt), but the quality with the Windows tool is quite good - if you choose the correct settings. All I can give you hints if you're interested. Have only today, unfortunately no more time to do so.

Gruß Johannes


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