Infoseite // Screenshots from the current film making?

Frage von Bine111:

Hello. I am happy with Magix Bastel 2004/2005

How do you screenshot of a running movie recording?
Not like in the program but if I simply
Screenshot do with the print button. The video monitor remains black.

How to use screenshots from the Media Player I get under
found. How shall I with Magix on? At the time, went with me synonymous times.
Maybe I have adjusted what?

Please help me next:)

Vielen lieben Dank


Antwort von Flanders:

I know there are 2 possibilities:

- Stop the video s.der corresponding body
- Click above on "File" and then "export movie" and click on "single frame as a" JPEG "
- Then choose your desired resolution (My tip: Custom 1024 * 768)
- And Save

It is synonymous with Paint:
- Stop s.entsprechender body and make full screen
- To the "pressure" - press button
- Open Paint
- Above on "Edit" and then "Paste" button
- And save it in "File - Save As"


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