Infoseite // Script + tutorial for Mocha -> After Effects workflow

Frage von mmohl:

I have an After Effects script written that with the work and After Effects MochaAE simplified.

The free download and video tutorials (; synonymous in German) to be found on


Antwort von mmohl:

've Just been posted on hacker movies. Here again for completeness:

Meanwhile, there are a few new video tutorials of me MochaImport:

Tutorial on Creative Cow and Red Giant TV, here it is only in the second (; my opinion clear more exciting) part go to Mocha + MochaImport:

3-minute intro at vimeo:

Tutorials on the functions that can be exploited in combination with Red Giant Warp:
Part 1: (; general intro on Vimeo):

Part 2: (; on Aetuts, compositing a wound on a moving, rotating head)


Antwort von mmohl:


Is now quite a while since I've released the first version of MochaImport. There is now a new version and several new tutorials MochaImport:

After Effects Tutorial: Mocha Corner Pin (English only)
zum Bild

After Effects Tutorial: Compositing Advanced (English only)
zum Bild

After Effects Tutorial: Cyborg Arm (English only)
zum Bild

After Effects Tutorial: Image stabilization without zooming (German & English)
zum Bild

After Effects Tutorial: Wikileaks cleansing (German & English)


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