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Suche: Hochqualitative Konvertierung von Video-Bändern in AVCHD-Dateien

Search: High-quality conversion of video tapes in AVCHD files

Frage von kuebler:
April 2011

As a layman I do not know in which forum I s.besten then ask, I would (according to my attached request-mail) 150 hours of old video tapes to get technical / quality optimally convert AVCHD files. But just as not using "standard service", as it sometimes is in shopping centers ... ;-)

Can someone help me give tips or otherwise? Thank you.
Good day, Mr ...,

the Internet, I noticed that you might support me in the form of a high-quality digitization and conversion of old video tapes offer in high quality AVCHD files.

Over the years, have accumulated about 150 hours family video, technically divided into:
- 27 min Hi-8 tapes, PAL, mostly 90, of 1993 to 1996
- 65 min MiniDV cassettes, PAL, mostly 60, of 1996 to 2006
- 38 min MiniDV HD tape, PAL, mostly 60, of 2005 to 2008

These tapes have not been used after recording over the years, but were merely stored at room temperature. They were not synonymous rewound, it is likely that the video quality may be significantly weakened. But according to a sample test, the Hi-8 tapes are still at least playable.

The video content is very amateur way, but the personal "sentimental" sentimental value is very high. Therefore, the cost synonymous subordinated to the technical optimization, which in the case of the Hi-8 tapes may perhaps even come close near s.den character of a technical video restoration.

My questions:

s.Was you could offer me, if costs would be hired in the first viewing back in order to get the maximum video quality, especially in the Hi-8 tapes, especially in the early phase of the technical reading of the streams from the tape?

b) Could you make a conversion to high-quality AVCHD, including encoding with B-frames?

c) What would be a first estimate of a cost range for a project like the just described?

If my request does not fit into your business and services: Could you recommend someone who could afford in their opinion maybe? Ideally, in Switzerland or Germany.

Thank you in advance for information.

Best regards

Antwort von dienstag_01:

Here booked a bissel the BESSERWISSERBOYS gathered, so my question: Why AVCHD, which thought behind it?
High quality and AVCHD, somehow joins from (but perhaps even here with high-quality still meant something).

Antwort von Jott:

AVCHD is still nonsense. How would with a DVD recorder for a few euros? DVDs can then at least look at any problems in the family always and everywhere.

restore 150 hours professionally would cost you a few months' salary, and it would still not out AVCHD, including synonymous you always want that.

Antwort von MK:

Alone the time required for digitizing and then the encoding ... A realistic price is around 11.000, - EUR plus VAT

Experience, I assume, however that there is enough pressure on prices which are the synonymous make a fraction, and in the self-representation is of course all the best ;-)

I like to laugh in the area: http://cgi.ebay.de/Copy-Service-Digitalisieren-Betacam-Shooting-/350455177670

Antwort von RickyMartini:

My suggestion:

Everything on the computer in DV format (13GB / h) to copy and create at least one backup copy.

(65 +38) x 13GB = 1339GB
27 x 19GB = 513GB

1339GB + 513GB = 1852GB

As well, not all tapes should be played fully, should satisfy two 2TB drives (of which one serves as backup).
If the DV camcorder via analog-in features, the signal can be digitized the Hi8 about this very practical and recorded s.Calculator.
The cost of this would be 200 ¬ no.

AVCHD is just another way (Consumer) name for AVC/H.264! AVC (high definition) with SD content does not make sense I suppose! ^ ^

Antwort von alvaro:

Dear Mr. Krueger!
I was a few weeks ago with the same problem is concerned, as the digitization of decency of childhood shots.
The 8mm-u. Hi8 recordings I could play with a SonyTR 7000 on the Firewire output. The MiniDV - and HDV tape I played over an old SonyHC3.
The material was saved as AVI format and saved on an additional hard drive.
In Premiere CS5 I put a DV Project s.zur further processing (sharpening, color correction, camera shake) to.
The share issue was in 1080p50, and playing with the WD works best live.
Views I have the result to a full HD beamer and was really surprised at the excellent image quality - and relieved that the transfer had taken place in the digital world at last. My wife had for many years to synonymous believed any more.
Yours sincerely,

Antwort von tommyb:

Email biddöööö ... then info:)


Antwort von vs:

"Tommyb" wrote:


Some very deterrent examples. Especially fun to me, the "electronic noise" of VHS video. Had been to before and as yet not see through the noise by wrinkles on the skin of the types and grain in the wooden doors, I would have thought that after "example would be a cartoon, so flat as it is.

But what can you expect with such a high-quality signal path such as "simple VHS player," "composite" and "DV recorder" / "Firewire" already?

At the film grain were destroyed but not so many details, but these static mist from grain residues are not synonymous bad.

And when rainbowing example I see on both sides of the same amount rainbowing, except that on the right page the colors differently.

I agree with MK to his price forecast, especially when the SD stuff to be synonymous filtered or reasonable and scaled (containing the question arises, it must be with the AVCHD SD sources?)

Antwort von tommyb:

Where their examples, Mr "Expert" are?

More than waffle to the bush is under-vs mediendienste.de not found ...

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