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Frage von JewKeg:

Good day! I have a rather special situation:

spent last week meeting with a Canon HF 100 filmed. Now it has been suggested to me the DVD's to produce. I have little experience in video editing, so the following question:

1) Actual Input: [list] about 30 hours AVCHD material (about 110 GB) as a *. m2ts files [/ list: u: dae3ef6434]
2) Target output: [list] Minimum number s.DVD 's (SD), but still clever quality to play in standard DVD players [/ list: u: dae3ef6434]
3) System:
[List] Core2Duo E8400 2 * 3GHz
4 GB Ram
Radeon HD 3850
Windows XP (option to upgrade to Windows 7) [/ list: u: dae3ef6434]
4) boundary conditions:
[List] Use small number of output DVD's (ie the best possible compression of the material)
No serious image editing required (only rudimentary editing and DVD menu creation are required)
Output will be playable with any DVD player
creation time: up to one month [/ list: u: dae3ef6434]
5) Questions:
[List] what would be the best action sequence (runtersämplen about, then edit)?
over which format should I go (about AVCHD => ... => MPEG2 => ...)?
what software would be preferable? [/ list: u: dae3ef6434]

I am eternally grateful for any recommendation!


Antwort von Alf_300:

New CAM, New PC, little experience, and only 4 weeks since the CAM is only the included software


Antwort von Freddi:

EDIUS Neo 2 Booster ... 200 ¬.
If you (almost) want to change nothing s.den clips, you do not even have to convert.
Otherwise, the software is synonymous with a plugin which the AVCHD files (converted with no visible quality difference) in AVIs with the Canopus HQ.
A 30-day trial version provides for download at digital editing.


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