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Search Beginners camcorder to shoot sporting events of

Frage von sparda:
Juni 2007

Good day,

I'm new here in the forum and still could not answer for the old articles can be found.

I am looking for a fairly cheap camcorder for shooting of sporting events.
Partial synonymous evening events (eg Boxgala)
What would you recommend me. I thought s.den eg, NV-GS17 EG-S of Panasonic. However, the problems with darker images.

At the moment I have a Sonyder of records on dvds, but I'm not with the picture still satisfied with the finishing.

In my research I've read that I feel with a mini-DV camcorder, the best results would be.

Important for me are a good picture and that I was well-recorded material s.PC can edit.

Would be great if you could help me.

Thank you very much

Antwort von Jan:

Och nö, simple camera for boxing match ....

Take me not bad, I must be synonymous with a 3000 ¬ camera using a head light to moderately bright & relatively noise-free images for interior shots to get.

If the very bottom, then hold GS 80 with optical stabilizer.
The entrance is in the class and already recommended in Lowlight better than an old 17th GS Also in terms of image errors.

When it was still too dark and you do not want & can illuminate, then believe that a 23 or better SonyHC HC 47 - The NightShot Pros as you can see a little more, if it is synonymous a slight greenish tint has.

In any case MiniDV - I did last Saturday again a hardship with a Canon DVD Camera had - namely, the wanted at any price not finalize your DVD, no preference whether 4:3, 16:9, VOB or VRO mode,-R or -- RW use - and is finalizing the requirement for the insert into a PC drive.


Antwort von smooth-appeal:

I do not know if this tip is offensive to you but I just risk it. Will only help ;-)

The finalize is actually a blank with most burning programs on your PC or Mac is possible.

Times I had such a problem as my friend had a CD. Windows has nothing but WinOnCD has noticed that the CD had not yet a TOC and then finalize it. Following is the data from the Windows CD synonymous and the normal CD-Rom drive has swallowed the blank.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Jan" wrote:

Take me not bad, I must be synonymous with a 3000 ¬ camera using a head light to moderately bright & relatively noise-free images for interior shots to get.

I film quite a lot in sports halls, which are usually sufficient to lit-at least the coarsest-absaufen & rushing to prevent (hab ne synonymous only MVX25, not grad 3CCD top model and the film mostly with its 125 shutter speed).

Like when the pit is, of course, I know not. As with broadcast TV in the boxing ring and darkened auditorium? - There seems shots of the audience, of course, nothing will be with us always, unfortunately, the entire hall lighting reingehauen.

"Unfortunately," because it is always an ugly light is mixed - mostly basic neon tubes lighting + a + few spotlights somewhere rest s.besten still daylight from 3 different directions - east, west and the holes in the dilapidated ceiling:) (even in the moment to 5 clock morning, evening or 10 clock relatively penetrant across) - resulting in an almost psychedelic color leads. : (
The synonymous nor about the day and depending on what the Weisabgleich tempted to go can vary greatly. Hosanna. :)

As can be so in some conditions such as Bundesliga handball or basketball halls only dream of. When their turn complete Lighting, The sun rises (and the E-Werk share rose to 0.9%)

Antwort von Jan:

Among the DVDs for the DVD camcorder - why should I have 5 other Programs Search & Buy to finalize, so several more detours find Something for what is actually in the house of camcorder should work?

DVD camcorders are simply a bad and insidious system was synonymous here in the forum for days for Work & Stress will, because once again someone the wrong mode, or number 1 program Magix De Luxe the VRO mode can not read ...

And I have the "luck" had at an event (wedding) with a GS 27 films to be allowed the space was relatively well lit, the camera image was noisy and for the most part, too dark, Nightview then at 1 / 6 sec light Picture - but Ruckelbilder halt. GS 60 and GS 80 are especially a small track better.

Well, I've noticed my now reached Level Video & practiced exceeds that of consumers. That should not arrogantly across - but it is probably the truth. The use of my camera so synonymous costs about 10 times of a 80th GS


Antwort von smooth-appeal:

Among the DVDs for the DVD camcorder - why should I have 5 other Programs Search & Buy to finalize, so several more detours find Something for what is actually in the house of camcorder should work?

Da geb ich dir right, synonymous only wanted to assist if your pictures are still on the unfinalisierten blank should linger.

Antwort von JMitch:


dankezunächst times for the answer.

So that I have for so little money of course, nothing professional warrior is clear to me.

mir gehts a question from the little bit of money out of the optimum.

to the light conditions. there are events to participate in typical gyms, at mixing ratios, as you call it.
and then again abendveranstaltungenbei which only the ring is illuminated. But viewers, or so I will not be filmed anyway.

So GS80 is the optimal choice in my case?

How much should it cost what?

thank you in advance

Antwort von Jan:

Thank you was so nice and smooth-intentioned appeal, I honestly do not know yet - I'm less of the PC burner expert - the CD & DVD industry will be happy ....

Well, I've often as customers in the store had any of the DVD camcorder problem was - it was holding of finalizing, editing program, wrong mode dial to any Inkompatilitäten blanks.

For MiniDV gibts strangely never any stress, although still! (For Panasonic) equally well be sold. Are Sony DVD camcorder gone.

GS 80 is very good for the price class, with such interior shots halt the White Balance in mind, the default color for Artificial halt manual use or make - if white wall & Blatt, gray in the area.

Prices hold times at Idealo look, or the known price --
or stop in the store. In such chains, such as in my (Saturn, Media Markt, Pro Market, etc) you will not find 80 GS - since Panasonic s.Fachgeschäfte exclusively extradite to the small shops to support them. Time, a nice thing, I was once synonymous in the shop - and they've got it hard to the markets and the Internet.


Antwort von JMitch:

well, it will be probably a GS80.

Is there a difference between GS80 and GS80 eg-s?

which suggests their extra battery? what should one battery at a look out for?

and what else you need to edit videos then s.pc them.


Antwort von Jan:

EC - silver - would be sold in Germany - so the best choice in terms of warranty, German & Turkish description of the normal supplies and accessories. Panasonic would not be quite so critical for warranty - the warranty is valid worldwide, unlike Canon and Sony (Europe).

Battery CGR go DU 6, CGA DU 12,14,21.

For cheap (7 ¬ at Ebay)), I would conditionally recommend - good contractors like Ansmann but are recommended.

FW firewire cable and connector s.PC than software you can use Windows Movie Maker.


Antwort von Jan:

Batteries of the Achso DX 1 & SD 1 - VW VBG 130 & 260 were synonymous, but unfortunately no s.der GS 80-minute remaining battery display. Standard Charger GS 60 invites synonymous, the DU series but is preferable.


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