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Frage von justen309:

Hello Forum,

I am again on the search for good advice, this time it comes to SLR cameras. Since I'm going to go this year on a photographic school I've been thinking a DSLR to make. Since I was not just a hollow snap for Still Image but synonymous for the shoot, I'm wondering which model would be very good there. Now will probably say a lot, "Canon EOS 5D Mark 2"! If I had enough money I would buy one just my budgeting is 1500 ¬.
What would you recommend and why?

When the camera should be available:
A lens not only the body,
You should be able to HD (1080p)
they should be very comfortable in the condition
synonymous and manage a very successful breast-image.

I've looked at the 2 cameras schonmal impress me already:
Nikon D300 (not really stupid, only the HD is available)
Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 (unfortunately too expensive)

I look forward suggestions for further synonymous Camera.
LG Justen


Antwort von Colonia:

Hi Justen,

I understand this correctly? You want to visit a school photo and have not even a clever camera?
Before I visited the Bavarian State School for photography, I had 3 KB-SLR cameras and 2 medium format. And nothing worked out sponsors for Daddy, but during the holidays and s.Wochenende and GE.
Do not be evil and see it as advice from an older gentleman, but if your commitment to the job, not larger, you search for something else. You Nochance out there.



Antwort von EightRocks:

As for the commitment I hold myself out sometimes.
What could fit s.DSLR still would be a 7D with the 18-135mm IS. Costs between 1600-1700 at the dealer. Although slightly over budget but may be feasible.
I'm going to buy me one today and give my old 1000D in payment.


Antwort von justen309:


This is all well and good but unfortunately the review of them was not really necessary .. (schuldiegung)

The thing is:

1. I am making with my friend almost every weekend to go to photos. He has a 7D. The post I am mainly self-

2. I own a camera (video), eineCanonXL1s.

3. And I work synonymous, as a camera man and I deserve so much already without exerting a lot.

I hope they see examples s.den I'm not just a boy the same time a camera will have. But "the art work is my life"
So I do not see your tip as a Council, but as an insult I have never held a camera in my hand, I would like to read this post, I would have thought: That's nice because a boy tried to reach his dream so I'll help him even with my knowledge of good cameras.

I'm sorry, I hope, "Mr Colonia" do not feel under attack of me through my feedback on their response.

Nevertheless, my question is still not resolved:
"Search good DSLR for photos and HD video."


Antwort von pilskopf:

Get a GH2 awesome for video right now and not be topped - 1x looked through the viewfinder and you know what you can do with it, even in bright sun or assess the Sharpness. All things should you look at the 25mm Nokton 0.95f now otherwise the cam makes only half as much fun, fun that is the focussing with the dream of Lens, what a brilliant feel and gives the GH2 a brilliant weight, of course, full manual is how it is, a variable ND filter but I think for absolute requirement. And photos can be synonymous with their shoot very good, but the RAWs preferable, which are much better than that generated jpegs.


Antwort von tommyb:

Yes but the GH2 does not look as thick as other cameras in AWESOME ... synonymous if their image quality is much better.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Pils head

GH2 in your honor - but the boy wants to ne photographers school!


@ Justen309

Take the Colonia's not so serious, he has to some hounds.
He knows you do not even synonymous.


So now relating to

So it really comes first NEN bissel on it you want s.was photograph.
The 2 cams that you have listed are actually 2 different applications.

5D Mark II
That's a potrait / landscape Cam

That's a Sport / Outdoor (Wildlife) Cam


But since you still have NoCam you stand first of all, buying time before the question of which brand you.

Usually get stuck s.einer brand.

As bekennenderCanonFan Boy I can recommend to you right now really only the Nikon D7000!

The distance is currently the best with what you can buy regarding Still Image Image quality.


Important that you buy is of top s.gute Lenses (once you apart from the money directly to you for small times a sentence FB (fixed focal) or M42 Nikkor AIs should buy Lenses)


In addition, you need a good Flash Plug! Ne case (Lowepro / Kata)! Nen Tripod (Manfrotto 055XPROB + 804RC2 head)


You have to go into a store and there you can right now you can press only 2 cams in the hands (directly with battery grip)

Nikon D7000

Canon 60D

These two cams take you around in the hand and play with you what you s.besten in the hand, then you buy!

It is that simple whole.

Since there really to say more. Sorry but it looks right now just in time.


Purchase the cams without the Kit Lenses, but a good buy directly Zoom

s.besten a 24 - 70 mm f2.8 - this will save some but may have to save almost by waiving the kit lens ever Money.

I perso. rate this first s.etwas other than Nikon or Canon you buy to match the action.

Ok fair sake even though I really am not a fan of Sigma Sigma allowed to you the 24 - look at 70th (For reasons of cost)

Furthermore you solltestt you a 35 mm f2 buy, so to speak with an entry-FB AF (auto focus)

The 50mm f1.8 is indeed synonymous ne good thing but it is the s.Crop NEN bit too long.


In the MF (Manual Focus) s FB (ie M42 or Nikkor AIs) as you buy virtually of (8.16) 24, 35, 50, 85.135 all you can find to play cheap.

The MF Lenses you use to learn with respect to aperture and focussing ink.


What you is synonymous definitely need NEN Cable switch sales since NEN No Name timer remote which costs up NEN 50, -, NEN Cable switch you need for Still Image Life, product photos, stars, sky (long exposure), Zeitraffeer can be realized then synonymous.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + +

So I think for the first time everything is clear, therefore, go in store and test the NEN Cams and s.besten which lies in the hands of the buy thou

Otherwise, I am pleased to be the Hüren you want to visit such a school!

B. DeKid


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Note regarding the video

Stiffen up s.Anfang not too much on the video function and so I say it again, the Panasonic GH2 can smoke in the pipe with respect to photos!

Which can be bought if you insists on video, but not if you want to learn photography - the quasi NEN toy in the world Still Image!


Oh and maybe you still buy any old manual camera ne

So a Film

B. DeKid


Antwort von Jan:


the fundamental question canon or Nikon you can rarely assess objectively, unless you really photographed on a professional level. There Nikon has the photographers of the press agencies (eg DPP Berlin) enforced by the sports photographers tend Canon (s.den seen beautiful white L lenses). The filmmakers are more synonymous canon models significantly inclined.

I would not like me get involved in this senseless Grundsatzdikusion partially, depending on the fanboy if it fails either way.

You are, that the budget has been set before. A full frame camera would still make more sense some (Canon 5D MK II or successor in August or Nikon D 700 or successor in August) since these models can be expanded simply much better. This is already going to be used by manCanonEF-S, Sigma DC, Nikon DX Opjektive or not as limited s.einer Nikon full-frame camera. Set as some time before someone buys a camera with full-size class, all kinds of Lenses, and can use them when possible system change is not in the professional class?

The Panasonic GH 2 is an excellent camera, probably the best camera, the Panasonic has ever built, it should particularly synonymous the videographers are suggested. Undeniably, it is in the photo level einerCanon60 D.

And yet I would think as an aspiring professional to go to. Panasonic expands more and more you offer, but the accessories range of Canon and Nikon, it just looks ridiculous. This applies handles, Lenses, focusing screens, flashes and remote controls.

D 300 S I would choose less, because the D 7000 (was Who needs it) is essentially an improved housing (more metal plates as at D 7000) and a speed advantage, the D 7000, the latest exposure - 2k (which not even the Professional D 3) has and the better video function for D 300s. But still could find a outdoor professional, the 300 S as the better choice, which really is synonymous not entirely wrong, with 200 g more weight than the D 7000, thanks to expanded metal s.Grundgehäuse establishment.

So when Nikon would be for me on the budget, the D 7000 crystal clear favorite.

Although the new D 5100 has just slowed down the Color Still Image test even the larger D 7000 (image quality). The D 5100 D 7000 but for some housing disadvantages (View Finder, metal, Buttons).

The D 7000 should, like all cameras take but definitely times in the hand, one or the other customers, the D 7000 is a little small, but some users just love the s.ihr.

BeiCanonwürde I take the 7 D, with the 60 swabs D.

In the end it is in the budget often either the 7000 or the D 7 D, depending on preferences, and possible accessories (or even of friends and acquaintances).

These two models are synonymous fairly stable and easy for professional applications synonymous with rain and with more than 200,000 trips per cap (Canon) use. With advanced photo using the D would be used in 7000 with me at 50:50 Still Image and Video use I would take the 7 D. But this can vary depending on the user synonymous different.

But most importantly, save not s.den lenses. Then it synonymous not surprised to have won a user modified with the small 1000 D and a fixed focal length of a test photo of a photo magazine with a 300 S and 5 D MK II.




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