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Suche DVD Camcorder, Preis ist Fast egal Hauptsache Qualität und Aufnamelän

Search DVD camcorder, price is almost no preference main quality and Aufnamelän

Frage von hochst:
März 2007

Hello, I, I'm new here and have the same time a question, I hope that's okay. I am unfortunately forced me to buy new camera because my old mind has abandoned, and now wants me but I like to buy a digital camera (yes the old was not, was synonymous older but I have other things they have not because I have exchanged some of Hi8 video cassettes that I just had with the old camera could play, but that is synonymous not so important).
And although I want to equal a really good buy, I have since read it now synonymous digicams are applied directly to a DVD to write the film. That would be the most practical course. Only introduce themselves to me because the following questions that I perhaps someone from the forum could answer?

1. Is it worth Digivideokameras had this DVD to buy or the technology is not yet ausgereit? So DVD recordings. Especially in terms of quality and recording length is concerned.
2. As long as you can so as to record a DVD? Hopefully not really only 20 minutes so as I have read.
3. I will say the same to me as a CameraLink not buy the same again goes Kaput or only very short recordings or in poorer quality than my old analog camera allows. Therefore, the price is less important. I have no idea just what the camera is right, therefore, would be a Kaufvorschlang very nice and helpful.

4. Then it struck me that the Digitalvideokamperas from a catalog I have here are available (DVD recording device) all only 800,000 pixels, for some is synonymous 3x800000 pixels, because I'm surprised a bit because the reihnen cameras to take photographs have but now many more than 6 megapixels. Presumably, the video cameras at something else, but I have just the worry that the quality is too bad.

Antwort von Rovi75:

DVD camcorder: If you want to edit the video later, or just the dvd and have only short, but nothing else to do with it? The 2nd is the only reason to opt for a DVD camcorder to decide. If you want to edit videos later, finger off the DVD of things, it is easier, a firewire cable anzuschleissen, and material of the tape aufn computer to play than at first finalize dvd, then rip again, and in an editable format to convert . The quality is obviously synonymous worse than MiniDV, because everything is encoded as MPEG2, so to fit dvd. A MiniDV tape has about 10-12GB, a small special DVD 1.4 (single layer) or 2.66 (dual layer) GB.

The pixel number of different cameras have different video (PAL) no significant differences as to PAL 720 x 576 pixels is standard, and no longer can be used (unless you rise to HD because there is more s.pixel). Therefore, it is better to have a camera with a large sensor and fewer pixels (but at least enough for the video norm) than a smaller sensor with more megapixels for video quality.

Instead you for the number of pixels to provide, Eighth dear to the other factors, such as recording system, Qualiät / size of the sensor, good optics, low light noise is low.

For a high resolution DVD camcorder is the wrong choice, there are better HDV camcorder.

Antwort von hochst:

Ok, I think I will be for the MiniDV format, as storage media, to decide. I want the movies, not necessarily after edit but the quality is very important to me. Can you give me maybe a camcorder recommend? The price is almost no preference, it should not only umbedingt cost about 900 euros. I would like a camcorder synonymous with the poor lighting conditions is clear, so with little or a lot of light (eg sun reflection in the sea, as I had with my old camera a few problems with the vacation videos, because the sea was almost never seen because of the strong reflection ). So he should already be well be synonymous features such as three chips Photo enstelle of just one, then the three primary colors each record would be quite good. Only I have no clue and I do not want to buy what are those features, the I would like, but other important features that I do not know does not own or quickly goes kaput. A device would mark me as quite right.

Antwort von Wolfi.:

The here is good:

http://www.amazon.de/Panasonic-NV-GS-EG-S-miniDV-Camcorders/dp/B000E6EH72/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/302-1198146-4426468?ie=UTF8&s=ce-de&qid=1175280778&sr=8- 1

Antwort von usul:

"high" wrote:
(eg sun reflection in the sea, as I had with my old camera a few problems with the vacation videos, because the sea was almost never seen because of the strong reflection).

In such cases the automatic inevitably fail and even with manual settings is the lack of dynamics of the video standards the problem. If one knows exactly his camcorder, you can with exposure corrections improve somewhat, but certain limitations must be in video recordings halt to accept, because the dynamic range of a video camera does not stop s.Film can reach.

Antwort von Peter2003:


if it is less comfortable doing, is synonymous of the Panasonic NV-GS 320


Antwort von Chezus:

Standard recommendations:

Small Purse: Panasonic NV-GS 180
Average purse: Panasonic NV-GS 280
Larger purses: Panasonic NV-GS 500

And everything in the consumer area.

If you invest 900 euros will then buy you a 280er and accessories to (Batteries, tripod, bag, etc.)

Antwort von hochst:

Ok I think I will decide for the 500, accessories brauch erstmal I do not know, I take with them into the next holiday and because I need maybe a second battery but a tripod is inappropriate.

Thanks for any event, the answers really helped.

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